Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave Guide

Giants Grave Post Site of Grace: In Elden, there is one Location Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave.  The location of giant conquering hero’s cave is located on the mountaintops of the Giants. The cave will be found high atop a plateau on one of the mountaintops.

You have to reach the earliest sections of the mountain’s top to find Giants. To reach the mountains you will require to circle around the northeastern sections. Point to mention that in the Giant’s grave post site of grace there will be no NPC or any merchant present. Also, there are not any unique items, ashes or keys.

The location is not compulsory to visit. In the cave, you will find some treasure and miniboss and will get some reward too.

What Will You Face in the Giant Hero’s Cave?


In the cave you have to fight enemies Fanged Imps, Fire Monks, Burial Watchdogs, and Troll.


In the cave you need to fight with the Ancient Hero of Zamor, who is the boss of the region.

Available loots:

This loot will be available in the cave.

Great Grave Glovewort, Flame, Protect Me, Giant’s Seal, Zamor Mask, Zamor Armour, Zamor Bracelets, Zamor Curved Sword, Zamor Legwraps, Cranial Vessel Candle Stand.

giants grave post site of grace

How To Reach To Giant Conquering Hero’s Grave

To reach the Giants cave you will have to travel southwest direction from the Giants’ Gravepost post location of Grace. For this, you have to go along with the lower western slope.

For this, you have to pass through many spiders. After passing this you have to jump between a gap to reach the building in location. When you enter the building you have to lift the door and go descend and you will find the Giant’s grave post site of grace.

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How To Fight with Ancient Hero of Zamor in Giants Hero of Crave

The ancient hero Zamor is dependent upon the acrobatic blade attacks, he is fast and can jump from one to another very quickly and also fast, and Frostbite-imbued attacks during the second phase.

The zamro is very quick so if you try to attack with ranged weapons or magic spells he will dodge your attack. Also if you use the melee attack as Statics, the hero Zamor will call the blue light which will explode there and act as frostbite attack. He will use the frostbite attack on you when he reaches 50% of health.

So to win the fight in the first face you have to play aggressively and make sure that he will not attack you. When he loses his 50% health he will try to use the frostbite effect and which means after that you have to play defensive. Once you notice a weak point in him you have to attack.

The main attack of the hero Zamor in giant craving is frostbite. So you have to play defensive in order to win a match. Because what will happen in the frostbite attack is he will create a huge circle around himself, from that Blizzard circle he will spring out into a lunge attack.

Now to win the match you have to play carefully and safely. To attack on the Zamor you have to wait for your turn as you see a window and have to attack on him as hard as you can.

In this second phase the Zamor will have 50% of his health so your small impacted attack will damage more but if you try to play aggressively you might lose more of your health and the win ratio will change after some of his attacks.

That’s how you can win over giant hero Zamor in a cave.

Loot from the Giants Grave Post Site of Grace and location of the boss

When you enter the cave there will be loot which can help you in the further journey of the map whether it’s for travel or to defeat enemies.

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When you enter the room after the site of grace there will be an imp seal in the corner of the room. To open that seal and get loot from the box you will need a stonesword key to open that particular thing. As you open it, move downward and use steps, you will get the flame, protecting me from the left side of it.

Now return to the location of grace before descending the stairs to the south. and defeat the patrolling fire monk there. If you head down to the east side step then you will find the golden rune and then further move downward in the east and you will receive the grave violet plant on the right of your.

While you finish the stairs in descending order you will enter the large room where you will see enemy Burial Watchdogs. To reach the boss you have to face off the enemies. While defeating the watchdogs the fanged imps will also come from the side of wall you have to face them as well.

After vanishing them move back to the left side of the steps and go down to find the Grave Glovewort plant then further go down there you have to face the two fanged imps, after defeating them continue your path and you will find the Grave Glovewort plant.

Now move upwards to the stairs to the light of circles, then take the left side to the corridors and you will be ambushed by the fire trap.

To go further you have to run through a fire trap as fire vanish and then defeat the fire monk and disable the fire trap then go upward on South there you have to defeat the other fire monk. At that location there will be two imp seals and will also find the Freezing Grease.

As you open the imp seal you can see the Grave Glovewort plant and corpse. When you step forward there the fire trap will activate and two fanged imps will also drop there.

You have to defeat the fanged imps and fire trap and step forward you will see another imp who is wielding his sword you have to also defeat them.

After that you have to face south in the descends, get a lift from there and then you will see broken steps. On the left side of the room there will be a gate.

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To open the gate there will be a leaver. Pull the lever to open the gate. As you open the gate you will see a troll behind the troll there is the room where you find the boss of the cave. To defeat the troll you will be able to enter the boss room.

That’s all in the articles to loot more in the cave you have to explore several locations and have to defeat the guards there.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Giants Grave Post Site of Grace with complete information.

How can I go to the Giant’s Grave Post grace site?

Head up down to the grave itself before you’ve walked into the building. The Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave Site of Grace is located here, as well as a blocked door that requires a Stonesword Key to open.

Where is the resting place of the giant-conquering hero?

Mountain heights of the Giants contains the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave. This site is high above a plateau in one of the Mountaintops’ earlier portions, although getting there necessitates circumnavigating almost all of the region’s northeastern regions.

What happened to the Elden Beast’s grace site?

You won’t be able to heal or use the Site of Grace, so you’ll have to beat Radagon while saving enough resources to fight the Elden Beast. If you’re having trouble defeating Radagon without ever using up all of your flask charges, our Radagon boss battle guide will come in handy.

How can I get to the grave of the huge conqueror hero?

To find the Giant’s Gravepost Site of Grace, head west until you come across a massive tomb. Take the elevator down to the Grave of the Giant-Conquering Hero.

This is end of this short guide.

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