Dune Spice Wars How To Get Guild Favor

The majority of Dune: Spice Wars action takes place on the ground, with soldiers fighting for position while avoiding the mouth of a sandworm. However, if you’re ready to invest a lot of time and money, you may also deploy air units. Flying troops are immune to melee assaults and worms cannot consume them.

If your armament might benefit from some air power, you’ll need to get started as soon as possible. This book will teach you all you need to know about deploying a squadron of fighters or a strong frigate to impose your will on the world. Arrakis.

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How To Get Guild Favor in Dune Spice Wars

How do I get more Spacing Guild Favors ?
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Nothing enters or exits Arrakis’ orbit without the Spacing Guild’s authority. Even the Emperor needed the Guild’s assistance in order for fighters and frigates to enter the atmosphere and conduct war. Guild Favors accumulate slowly, so you must carefully choose whether to spend and when to preserve.

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The Spacing Guild Branch, a costly Statecraft Building that may be built in any Village with an open slot, is your major source of Guild Favors. When it’s finished, you may click it to choose a resource to send to the Guild as a tribute. You have the option of giving thirty Spice or five Influence every day. Because each gift earns one Guild Favor, your daily accrual rate will be one Favor each day.

Fighting Renegades and locating the destroyed ship are also two methods to obtain Guild Favors directly from the map. Renegades emerge about halfway through the game and take over neutral Villages. Renegade bases have 10 troops garrisoned, will launch raids often, and will prevent their village from being taken until they are destroyed. Destroying a Marauder unit yields a few Favors, whereas destroying a base yields a bigger payout.

The wrecked cruiser is a Special Region that will emerge on the map at some point. Controlling it grants an extra Guild Favor per day. Furthermore, it regularly generates discoveries that, when examined, grant a modest amount of Guild Favors. It’s worth noting that you can study these findings even if the cruiser is being piloted by someone else!

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That’s how to guild favor in Dune Spice Wars as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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