Dune Spice Wars How to Get Landsraad Standing

Landsraad Standing is one of the resources that affects your faction’s political strength and provides several other bonuses. It affects bonuses to your:

  • Votes (used when voting in Landsraad, renewed after voting),
  • Hegemony,
  • Influence production,
  • Spice to Solari exchange rate (up to 20% with very high Standing).

By failing to pay the Imperial Tax in Solari, you lose Standing. Landsraad Standing is not available to every faction. It is not available to Fremen and Smugglers (at least not at first). The Atreides begin with 200 Standing, whereas the Harkonnen begin with 100. Smugglers acquire 50 points of Standing after obtaining 5,000 Hegemony and will receive an instant bonus if their taxes are paid on time. 

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How the Landsraad Works in Dune Spice Wars

The Landsraad will open around five minutes into each match, and each round will offer three separate Resolutions on which you can vote.

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When the council is established, you will receive a notification allowing you to examine the resolutions, and a message in the upper right will inform you of the number of days until voting begins. When voting begins, you will receive another notification and will be able to cast your votes anyway you see fit. Your votes will be interpreted differently depending on which Resolutions are present, as some only apply to the elected groups and others affect everyone.

For example, “Scientific Congress” increases military production by 50% for all players if it is approved, and “Controlled Markets” increases Spice output by 30% regardless of which party is chosen. Of course, you can cast all of your votes for yourself or another side. 

When voting is enabled, a box with arrows appears beneath each Resolution. You can vote for a faction by using the drop-down menu, and you can add or subtract votes by using the left and right arrows. Resolutions passed by the Landsraad will be in force until the next Landsraad vote. When voting, you may now assign all of your votes as well as any Influence you’ve accumulated. We’ll talk about how to obtain more of both. 

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That’s how to get Landsraad Standing in Dune Spice Wars as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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