Dungeons and Dragons: 100+ Dragonborn Names 5E

In Dungeons and Dragons, there are humanoid form dragons and they are known as the Dragonborn. Dragonborns are not quite like a dragon. They have two legs and have an average of 6 ft in height. Dragonborns are hatched from the eggs in DnD. They are descended from dragons and have the abilities of Dragons and humanoids. However, they don’t have wings or tails. 

 If you were recently introduced to Dragonborn and have no idea or want to learn more about Dragonborn, then follow this guide. You will also know the different types of Dragonborn names and origins. 

The appearance of the Dragonborn in Dungeons and Dragons 5E

You can draw or shape the Dragonborn once they are hatched from the egg. As we have seen the dragons on television or heard the description of them, dragonborns are quite different from them. Dragonborns are more like a combination of humanoid and dragon. They are created by the dragons and descended from the dragons. 

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Dragonborns have a height of around 6’2” and weigh around 300 lbs. Dragons borns do not contain wings and tails, yes, all dragonborns cannot fly.  Just think of it as the human wearing the skin of a dragon and minus wings and tails from it. The color is bronze or brass and the eyes are red or gold. Dragonborn’s hands and feet end in talons. 

What is Dragonborn in Dungeons and Dragons?

Dragonborns are the unique race of the Dragons. They are created by the dragons. Dragonborn suggests being born of the dragon. Dragonborns are hatched from the eggs. Dragonborns have the capabilities of humanoids and dragons.

There are male dragonborns and female dragonborns. They also have unique Dragonborn names. Such as, Whatever Dragonborn Name you choose, their clan name will be first. It represents the honour of their clan and descended from the dragon family. 

Further, they have childhood names or a nickname. It’s generally used along with their clutchmates or dearest ones. However, the clan is a pride for them. The Dragonborn have their particular duty in the clan. They honour their duty and if they fail to do so they think it’s disrespect to their clan and the dragons. 

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Best Dragonborn Names (Image via Tactical Studies Rule)

Dungeons and Dragons 5E: Dragonborn Name

In DnD 5E, the Dragonborn name is quite simple. Dragonborn clan name + name you select for the Dragonborn. Dragonborn names have an endless list. You can choose whatever suits you best. All the names have different meanings.

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 Here we have listed a few names for male dragonborn, female dragonborn, clan name, and childhood name or pet name. 

Male Dragonborn Names in D&D 5E:

  • Arjhan 
  • Balxan
  • Tarhun
  • Donnar
  • Kriv

Female Dragonborn Names in D&D 5E:

  • Biri
  • Thava
  • Mishann 
  • Kava
  • Akra

Dragonboorn Clan name:

  • Delmirev
  • Myastan
  • Rhoziros 
  • Kerrhylon 
  • Nemmonis
  • Turnuroth

Dragonborn Childhood Name:

  • Climber
  • Zealous
  • Leaper
  • Pious
  • Earbender

Here, we have listed examples only, you can select from the list. There is a vast list of names available for Dragonborn in D&D. You can select the name that is easy to pronounce or remember too. 

Dungeons and Dragons: 100 Dragonborn Names 5E Guide

Male Dragonborn Names (Image via Tactical Studies Rule)

Male Dragonborn Names in D&D 5E

  1. Yernuakergith Troufras
  2. Amriasten Bhavarax
  3. Amriasten Bhavarax
  4. Therushkmorrish Wraythas
  5. Alxek Mordhall
  6. Canxuunkiajoth Yorrinn
  7. Lipoc Arwarum
  8. Shistuar Gorazavur
  9. Yemphad Medwunax
  10. Creaphosh Shalasar
  11. Shencik Hiprax
  12. Amtaajeth Otifarn
  13. Uchuukmas Greprax
  14. Kraxecmid Ghelasar
  15. Cichinkel Raslasar
  16. Fincustik Ghemorn
  17. Myolxisallel Jindaar
  18. Cripindras Marmorn
  19. Iaccetalud Medkax
  20. Gamphuatesh Vrakdaar
  21. Estajic Naskan
  22. Eccindallas Yorrakas
  23. Caaldrad Calughull
  24. Ampenshtaleth Krivkris
  25. Nerrhandelluk Nahazar
  26. Kirjunked Orlacrath
  27. Errhinthos Narrash
  28. Preltethiliak Tobor
  29. Tecuul Ravoseth
  30. Clorthud Bharakas
  31. Naraak Lumiwunax
  32. Klupocmerral Marxiros
  33. Ealtheshtes Kilturim
  34. Myuncandiduur Wrabor
  35. Klarthethillial Udodhall
  36. Prirnaaxijuth Erakax
  37. Garrheth Aliythas
  38. Clipoc Tazvroth
  39. Ithtek Priqrin
  40. Nemtakonas Yorhadur
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Female Dragonborn Names in D&D 5E

  1. Kechenias Qicoria
  2. Yilxis Yrxiris
  3. Klimped Susira
  4. Vecatiren Eshwophyl
  5. Aancal Yawophyl
  6. Eastukuash Gurpatys
  7. Varjer Thasira
  8. Kaxedaneth Phidrish
  9. Dronkaxonaas Cagissa
  10. Luurthith Joyries
  11. Fimbuushkmaallor Kabis
  12. Timphajath Nayries
  13. Orrhosh Eshvyre
  14. Enxaar Zofgil
  15. Mulmukmiar Eshxiris
  16. Ducith Xyyries
  17. Faltindiad Vyrariel
  18. Ulxeth Daxiris
  19. Drimton Zofrith
  20. Yardindaath Perzys
  21. Eancurarrid Belqorel
  22. Girnoshkmanosh Korina
  23. Merthuth Phihime
  24. Merdis Oyassa
  25. Cliarthatanuth Ushiqorel
  26. Arnankejias Quilriel
  27. Primphush Uriliann
  28. Fecciath Oyries
  29. Lexok Sopora
  30. Ucindres Arisira
  31. Liphuathesh Kelfaeth
  32. Elmithan Gripora
  33. Nyeldrer Cadalynn
  34. Clolthajanes Arigil
  35. Kernath Erlixora
  36. Nimbin Phipora
  37. Uuncead Tharinn
  38. Guruakmardal Bishann
  39. Dreccendrirraan Acoria
  40. Araxak Belbis

Dragonborn Childhood Name

  1. Fainter
  2. Spoonpiercer
  3. Stamper
  4. Faithful
  5. Drifter
  6. Joyous
  7. Bouncer
  8. Dodger
  9. Woodrazer
  10. Serene
  11. Grabber
  12. Amuser
  13. Charger
  14. Growler
  15. Seeker
  16. Barger
  17. Shieldbiter
  18. Nibbler
  19. Enchanter
  20. Radiant


All you have to do is select the name of the Dragonborn. After you get the dragonborn, the clan name will be the first name and the second will be as per gender. With male and female dragonborn the name will vary accordingly. Also, you can give the Dragonborn a cute childhood or pet name too. 

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