Boc the Seamster Questline Walkthrough

Boc is an NPC character in Elden Ring, just like another questline Boc has its own questline that players need to complete. Here we featured a Boc Questline walkthrough for the Elden Player to know where they can find Boc in the Elden Ring and how to start his questline along with other useful information. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

Elden Ring BOC

Where to Find BOC in Elden Ring?

There are multiple locations where you will interact with Boc in Elden Ring and here we walkthrough complete questline in order.

Boc In Limgrave

First, you interact with Boc before seeing him you only hear his voice from a certain location. You need to visit the north tip of Agheel Lake and at the south path find a telescope and there you hear the voice of Boc.

boc as the tree in elden ring
Elden Ring BOC

You need to follow the voice till you see a red color tree. Simply roll in front of the tree. After the tree will turn into the Boc. Boc will realize that he was turned into the tree by the unknown mugger.

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After talking to Boc he will move to the cave as the reward he will give you mushrooms and then he will move to the caves and then the next place you will find him in the Coastal Cave.

Boc in Coastal Cave

boc in the Coastal Cave
Elden Ring BOC

When it reach the Coastal Cave you will find the Boc near the Site of Grace in bad shape.

fight with demihuman boss in castal cave
Elden Ring BOC

After that, you need to move inside the cave and fight with two demihuman bosses. After you defeat the boss you will get the Sewing Needle and Tailoring Tools are a reward.

give sewing needle to boc
Elden Ring BOC

Go back to Boc and give him the Sewing Needle Boc will again back to normal and left the cave. As the reward, you will get the Tailoring Tools for altering certain armor at the Site of Grace. That can help you to remove the height armor and clocks.

Boc in Liurnia

Progress through the game until you reach the Liurina and you will again interact with Boc at the Site of Grace at the Church of Irith.

boc at the Liurnia
Elden Ring BOC

You need to talk to him he will offer you to alter your garments and you need to ask Boc to do this for free.

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After that you before meeting the Boc at the next location in Elden Ring. You should make sure to complete the following things first.

talk Melina about Boc in elden ring
Elden Ring BOC

1. Interact with the NPC named Melina and talk to her about the Boc you can easily do that at East Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace.

purchase an legendary armor in elden ring
Elden Ring BOC

2. You need to purchase at least one legendary armor from the Finger Reader Enia in the Roundtable Hold.

gold sewing needle
Elden Ring BOC

3. Lastly you need to get the Gold Sewing Needle key from the Church of Vows in eastern Liurnia.

After completing all these 3 tasks you need to interact with Boc in the East Raya Lucaria Site of Grace

Boc in East Raya Lucaria

Again you will interact with the Boc at the East Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace. Here you give him the Gold Sewing and again he offers you the same service of altering your garments.

Boc in Leyndell, Royal Capital

After that you will find Boc at the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace you need to rest here to interact with Boc.

boc at the East Capital Rampart
Elden Ring BOC

After the cutscene about the Ertree discussion, if you give Boc nothing will be talked about his wish to get the rebirth from Rennala.

reborn wish of boc in elden ring

However, he did not have the Larval Tear to interact with the Rennala.

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If you choose to give him the Larval Tear that you will receive from different locations in the game or you can buy it from  Pidia, a merchant at the Caria Mano or Nomadic Merchant at Siofra River.

Once you give Larval Tear to the Boc he will thank you after reloading the area he will be disappeared.

boc as human in elden ring
Elden Ring BOC

After that, you will encounter him as a human in the  Grand Library of Raya Lucaria Academy at the Rennala. Here at the point he will not respond to you and die when the area is reloaded.

This is sum up for the Boc Elden Ring Walkthough guide for more helpful content do read our Elden Ring Guides.

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