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Elden Ring BOC quest is a longer run quest approximately both assisting him in taking delivery of himself or extruding what player is Unfortunately, it’s no longer a reward-wealthy quest in any respect, and the handiest particular issue you could desire to get from its far the My Lord gesture.

But it’s further a pretty slippery questline to obey since, like multiple NPCs, Boc trails your product via the sport. In this Boc quest guide, we’ll stroll you thru what he seems at some stage in the sport and what you want to do to steady the demi-humans tailoring services.

What is BOC Quest In Elden Ring?

Save Boc from being trapped in the trees by using Uses to strike it near Graces North Site Agheel Lake. Talk with Boc in the Cave of Coasts Dungeon site of Grace. Defeat the boss DemiHuman Chieftain inside Coastal Cave for a sewing needle. Give the sewing needle to Bok. Meet Boc at Graces site at Lake-Front Bluffs. Get a gold sewing needle from a chest inside the Chapel of the Covenant.

Buy some boss Chest Alterable Armor from the Finger reader, Enia, including Radahn’s Lion Armor. Meet up with Bok at Rayas eastern gate site, Lucaria. Meet Boc at the Altus Highway Crossing Site of Grace or Lyndell Development, and encounter him at East Capital Rampart. Give him the gold sewing needle.

Go to Hermit Village on Gelmir Mountain and obtain a Prattling Pate, You’re Beautiful Object, and use it near Bok before talking with him or paying attention to his requests. You’ll also need to beat Rennala to make him make that request. If you use “You’re Beautiful” with Boc, he’ll preserve to present you unfastened tailoring on the East Capital Rampart.

However, if you supply the Larval Tear, he’ll head to Raya Lucaria, renovate suitable into a human, and perish similarly to the Rennala’s pupil kids). You’ll better conquer Rennala for him to assemble this request.

Elden Ring BOC

Where to Find BOC in Elden Ring?

The first area where you come across Bok at Elden Ring is near the northern site of Agheel Lake, West Limgrave. As you travel south alongside the highway, he calls out to you. Obey his voice to a shrub nearby (they’ll possibly be dispatches near it) and hit it to lose him.

Exhaust his talk, and he’ll let you know he’s going to sneak lower back right into a demi-human lair to thieve you a few treasures. Next, you find Boc on a Dungeon of Coastal Caverns via Site of Grace. Speak with him, then go to the dungeon and take down the boss Demi-Human Chef.

It stands too complex, and you may constantly summon Old Knight Istvan on the boss door if it’s handling too long. Head again to Boc and supply him the Sewing Needle to procure from the boss. Incidentally, finishing this dungeon also unlocks the Church of the Dragon Communion.

Boc appears more than once in Liurnia, first at the Cliffs of the Lake Face site and later at the East Raya Gate site of the Lucaria. You might want to relax before he appears; however, he’ll tailor your clothes free of charge at any of those places.

Following, lead to the Church of Vows in East Liurnia. Next, go to the Church of the Testaments on the eastern side of Liguria. Inside the Church is a chest that retains the gold sewing needle.

How To Reach the My Lord Gesture?

Once on the Altus Plateau, you can find Boc at the Altus Route Crossing site at Grace. He’ll request you if it’s called by the name of “My Lord”, and if you say yes, he’ll deliver you with the My Lord gesture, which is one of the flawless within the game.

You also can supply him the Gold Sewing Needle here, even though you’ll want to have a bit of alterable boss apparel, including Radahn’s Lion Armour. If you hand over Boc on the Altus Highway Junction, you could discover him on the East Capital Rampart when you reach Lydell.

When Boc holds the Gold Sewing Needle, he’ll admire if his mom could be happy with him. From right here, you’ve got options: use Prattling Pate You’re Gorgeous close to him after which advise him he’s lovely while talking to him, or focus on his request and provide him a Larval Tear if you’ve beaten Rennala.

The 2nd choice is pointless because it’ll kill Boc and not come up with anything. After reaching the Larval Tear, he proceeds to Rennala on the Raya Lucaria Grand Library and passes quickly.

Where To Locate Prattling Pate You’re Beautiful?

If you have to inform Boc that he’s beautiful, head to Hermit Village in Mt. Gelmir. This is handiest on hand thru the Seethe water River and Terminus, which you may get to thru the southwest Altus Plateau close to the Wyndham Ruins.

Head all the ways above the hearth place keeper citadel press and the Magma Wyrm boss till you find a village packed with demi-humans. Prattling Pate, You’re Beautiful is positioned on a frame with the aid of using a doorway on the primary street.

Head more down back to Boc, use this tight to him, telling him he’s beautiful. Your demi-human Squires will hold out for no charge and tailor your armor rather than running off into the Raya Lucaria. Sadly, the most influential part of this quest is Boc’s commitment and services however, at minimum, there’s a happy ending.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to get the Aristocrat Hat?

You may find several within a caravan heading north past the Waypoint Ruins on Limgrave. I recommend operating a Silver Fowl’s Foot and bringing the Silver Tear Mask to improve object discovery in any other case, you may be in for an ample farm.

How do you progress BOC quest?

Players will subsequently locate Boc in the Coastal Cave. He can be injured; mendacity is after the dungeon’s Site of Grace. To progress its quest, players must make it through the boss’s chambers and recover Tailoring tools and sewing needles, the critical items.

Does BOC give you anything, Elden Ring?

At all of the following locations, he will now provide his carrier of changing garments. Bok can be given a gold sewing needle if he wears boss-alterable armor.

Can Elden Ring revive BOC?

All NPCs in Elden Ring may be revived withinside the Church of Vows. Players will want to apply a Celestial Dew within the Church of Vows to restore all NPCs within the game. Players may even revive Boc the Seamster and save you from his death.

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