New World: All Damage Types & Enemy Weaknesses

In the New World, players may damage both hostile enemies and other players using weapons, skills, and power-ups in various New World Damage types. New World allows players to craft their weapons and inflict different types of Damage on enemies, including physical and magic.

Physical Damage Types in New World refers to the various forms of Damage that your weapons do when they are shot, and all weapons that are not magic-based have a Physical Damage Type attached to their attacks. In this article, we’ll tell you all the damage types and enemy weaknesses available in New World.

New World damage types: Physical and elemental

Physical Damage means how much Damage your weapon deals with an opponent as it hits them. Elemental Damage means you only get this if you use magic weapons in the New World.

The one type of elemental Damage that is not countered by any enemies, not even the angry earth. To only do arcane Damage, you need to use equipment and perk items that convert some damage into that element. There are 9 one-of-a-kind damage types in New World: 3 bodily and 6 elemental.

Each game’s guns deal at least one form of bodily harm except fingers, which are classified as magical guns. Physical injury is divided into 3 harm types: Slash, Thrust, and Strike. Each of those varieties of damage corresponds to select combinations of weapons:

  • Slash: Axes, Swords, Hatchets, Rapiers
  • Strike: War Hammers
  • Thrust: Bows, Spears, Muskets, Rapiers, Swords

Weapons in the New World are assigned either a specific physical damage type, amongst slash, thrust, and smash, or magic damage types, amongst arcane, fire, Ice, lightning, nature, and the Void. Without any added modifiers, these damage types are found on weapons naturally (such as a swords Heavy Attack, which deals Thrust damage).

corrupted weakness new world

Corrupted are weak to arcane, nature, and thrust damage but are resistant to Ice and smash Damage. Players must purchase New World gold to improve weapon levels and take down stronger enemies. You may also equip gems with weapons to increase the elemental Damage from the Second Nature. You can also turn regular weapons into magic by adding gemstones or augments.

You can also upgrade the weapons levels to improve weapon damage. As for elemental harm, matters are a chunk more significant complications. Actual harm may be handled by positive weapons, along with staves, just like the Fire staff.

However, others, together with Void, are carried out thru perks. The elemental Damage types available in the New World are Arcane, Ice, Nature, Lightning, Fire, and Void.

All enemy weaknesses in New World

In addition to enemies’ herbal resistances and weaknesses, there are extraordinary methods of enhancing harm to positive forms of enemies.

Now that you know about all the different types of Damage in the game, you will be more equipped to tackle more difficult late-game content.

The good perk and gem will transform your primary weapons into an elemental powerhouse. All enemies have weaknesses, and learning to best take advantage of those weaknesses will make certain pieces of content more accessible in the New World, either with your party or solo.

Following are the types of enemies available in New World and its damage types they’re each weak and robust:

  • Ancients o Weak- Strike, Void, and Lightning o Strong- Slash and Fire
  • Angry Earth o Weak- Slash and Fire o Strong- Thrust and Lightning
  • Corrupted o Weak- Thrust, Nature, and Arcane o Strong- Strike and Ice
  • The Lost o Weak- Strike, Ice, and Nature o Strong- Thrust and Void
  • Beasts o Weak- Thrust

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What types of enemies are in New World?

Ancients, Angry Earth, Corrupted, The Lost, and Beasts are the types of enemies in the New World.

What is the best damage type in New World?

The best damage types are lightning for Ancients, Arcane for Corrupted, Fire for Angry Earth, Nature for The Lost, and Thrust for Beasts.

What is the Thrust damage in the New World?

Thrust Damage (Perk) is a perk that scales with Gear Score, performed by using a sprinkling of corrupted essence simultaneously with crafting.

What are lost enemies in New World?

The Lost are soulless wretches, the ghouls of the New World. The Lost are humanoids or creatures with everlasting lifestyles without a soul. They’re caught in a half-loss-of-life kingdom due to the fact they died in an inappropriate manner or sailors who’ve crash-landed on the island.

Who does Arcane damage in New World?

Arcane is secondary elemental harm that you may equip as a perk on a weapon. Certain guns, inclusive of the Faeforged Musket, have this as its number one harm kind.

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