Escape From Tarkov: Database Part 2 Quest Guide

Database Part 2 Quest: Escape from Tarkov is a popular first-person shooter game that requires players to complete various tasks and quests to progress.

One such task is obtaining the OLI cargo route documents on the Interchange map. This quest is called Database Part 2 which was given by Ragman once you complete Database Part 1 quest. In this guide, we’ll show you how to obtain the documents and hand them over to Ragman. So, let’s get started!


  • Obtain the OLI cargo route documents on Interchange
  • Survive and extract from the location
  • Hand over the documents to Ragman


  • OLI logistics department office key


Before we jump into the task, let’s first understand what OLI cargo route documents are. These documents contain important information about the cargo routes followed by the OLI logistics department. The documents are required by Ragman to gain valuable insights into the logistics network of the company.

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Find OLI Logistics Department Office Key

To obtain the OLI cargo route documents, you need to first obtain the OLI Logistics Department Office key.

This key is essential to access the room where the documents are located. The key can be found in the boot of a blue car located in Customs. Alternatively, it can also spawn in the jackets and pockets of scavs.

Find the OLI Cargo Route Documents

Once you have obtained the key, head over to the Interchange map and make your way to the OLI Logistics Department Office. The office is located on the right side of the building if you’re facing the front.

OLI cargo route documents location
location of the OLI Adminstration office

Walk up to the main stage and follow it around to the right until you reach the back office. Open the door and turn left.

You will see a closed door on your right. Unlock it with the key and enter the room. The OLI cargo route documents spawn on a shelf inside the room. Grab the documents and get ready to extract them.

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Survive and Extract

Since the OLI cargo route documents are a valuable item, expect to encounter some resistance from other players. It’s crucial that you survive and extract from the location to complete the task.

After obtaining the documents, head to the nearest extraction point. The two nearest extraction points are Railway Exfil and Emercom Exfil.

Keep an eye out for other players, and try to avoid confrontation if possible. Use cover to your advantage, and move quickly to avoid being caught in the open.

Task Rewards

Completing this task rewards you with 8,500 EXP and increases your Ragman Rep by 0.03. Additionally, you will receive a car battery and a phase control relay as rewards.


Obtaining the OLI cargo route documents on Interchange map can be a challenging task, but with this guide, you should have no trouble completing it.

Remember to obtain the OLI Logistics Department Office key, make your way to the back office, and grab the documents. Survive and extract from the location to complete the task and earn valuable rewards.

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