Escape from Tarkov: How to Toggle the Laser

In Escape from Tarkov, the laser attachment can be a valuable tool for enhancing your aiming and accuracy.

Steps to Toggle the Laser in Escape from Tarkov

If you’re wondering how to toggle the laser on and off in the game, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Equip the Laser Attachment

Before you can toggle the laser, make sure you have a weapon equipped with a laser attachment. The laser can be attached to various compatible firearms in the game.

Step 2: Default Key Binding

By default, the key binding to toggle the laser on and off is “T.” Simply press the “T” key on your keyboard, and the laser will turn on if it was previously off, or turn off if it was already on. This quick and easy key press allows for convenient control of the laser during gameplay.

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Step 3: Customizing Key Binding

If you prefer to use a different key to toggle the laser, you can customize the key binding in the game’s settings menu.

Navigate to the options or settings menu, look for the key bindings section, and locate the laser toggle command. From there, you can assign a different key of your choice to suit your preferences.

Step 4: Practice and Experiment

Once you have mastered the laser toggle mechanics, it’s important to practice and experiment with its usage during raids and encounters.

Test different scenarios, such as engaging targets at different distances, utilizing the laser in various lighting conditions, and adapting to different environments.


Toggling the laser attachment in Escape from Tarkov is a simple process. Use the default key binding “T” to quickly turn the laser on and off during gameplay.

If desired, customize the key binding in the game’s settings menu to a key that is more comfortable for you.

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  1. The Steiner DBAL-PL tactical device has a flashlight and both a Green and a Red lazor, as well as an infrared illuminator. I can’t figure out how to switch from the Green lazer to the Red lazer.

    • Solution: Enter the raid with both attached. Activate them. Put one of the devices in your inventory (it remains activated). Deactive the one, still on your gun. Attach the one of your inventory again. Now you can toggle between two different devices!

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