Escape from Tarkov: Tarkov Shooter Part 7 Quest Guide

In The Tarkov Shooter – Part 7, Jaeger emphasizes the importance of neutralizing targets without making any noise, preferably from a safe distance.

Sniper wants to test your skills in this area, so your task is to eliminate experienced enemies using a suppressed bolt-action rifle. Let’s explore the details of this quest in Escape from Tarkov.


You aim to eliminate 5 PMCs from over 45 meters while using a suppressed bolt-action rifle. This means you need to equip a suppressor on your bolt-action rifle and take down skilled enemy players without alerting others to your presence.


Successfully completing this quest will reward you with +13,300 EXP, a Jaeger Rep +0.02, and 85,000 Roubles. If you have Intelligence Center Level 1, you’ll receive 89,250 Roubles, and if you have Intelligence Center Level 2, you’ll receive 97,750 Roubles.

Additionally, you’ll receive a Mosin Rifle Witt Machine 7.62x54R muzzle brake and a Mosin Rifle Bramit 7.62x54R sound suppressor. Furthermore, you’ll unlock the purchase of the Mosin Rifle Witt Machine 7.62x54R muzzle brake at Jaeger LL3.

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Shooter Part 7 Tarkov
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For this quest, it is recommended to play on maps with large open spaces that allow for an effective engagement at distances of 45 meters or more. Woods and Shoreline are good choices due to their expansive areas. Here are some tips to complete the quest:

Prepare a suppressed bolt-action rifle: Acquire a bolt-action rifle and attach a sound suppressor to it. The Mosin Rifle Bramit 7.62x54R sound suppressor is the recommended suppressor for this task.

Choose suitable locations: Look for spots that provide clear lines of sight and are at least 45 meters away from potential targets. Elevated positions or areas with good cover can enhance your chances of success.

Patience and observation: Take your time to observe your surroundings and identify targets from a safe distance. Use your scope to scan for enemy PMCs and assess their experience level.

Aim for precise shots: Once you’ve located an experienced enemy PMC, carefully line up your shots to ensure accuracy. A single well-placed shot is enough to eliminate your target.

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Maintain stealth and discretion: After each elimination, be cautious not to draw attention to your position. Move carefully and silently to avoid detection by other nearby players.

Practice good positioning and movement: Utilize cover and change positions regularly to maintain unpredictability and reduce the risk of counter-sniping.


To complete The Tarkov Shooter – Part 7, equip a suppressed bolt-action rifle and eliminate 5 PMCs from over 45 meters away. Choose maps like Woods or Shoreline that offer ample open spaces for long-range engagements. Take your time, aim carefully, and maintain stealth throughout the quest.

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