Exoprimal How to Progress Story

Exoprimal is a crazy video game concept that combines the chaotic action of Earth Defense Force with the class-based PvP of Overwatch. The main Dino Survival mode sets two teams of five against each other in a variety of mission types centered on destroying dinosaurs as rapidly as possible.

Exoprimal’s cutscenes and pseudo-campaign are interspersed with Dino Survival bouts. While the multiplayer game clearly shows how close you are to earning the next cutscene, it does not explain how to unlock maps, missions or even raid fights.  

Fortunately, as more players devote significant time to Exoprimal, the secrets behind player advancement become less enigmatic. If you’re wondering why the first few missions feel so monotonous, there are a few things you should know about releasing deadlier dinosaurs and mission variation in this over-the-top action game.

Exoprimal’s narrative mode is not your usual single-player experience. The narrative mode mechanism is the same as Respwan’s Titanfall. Simply said, players are treated to many narrative sequences in between multiplayer bouts. Progressing through the tale is vital since it helps you to connect with the game while also earning you great prizes.

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To progress in Exoprimal’s wargames, you need emphasize two goals: finishing Dino Survival battles to unlock cutscenes and actively participating with the Analysis Map. When playing Dino Survival, players will be rewarded with audio logs and papers that can be viewed via the Analysis Map.

Viewing the Analysis Map files is required to enjoy the chaos of corrupted Neosaurs, extra dinosaur kinds, more Final Missions, higher swarm density, and 10-player raid engagements.   

Exoprimal contains a surprising amount of mythology and storyline. While this may not be appealing to certain players, given the game’s emphasis on competitive multiplayer, you are richly rewarded for interacting with cutscenes and extra narrative elements.

If you’re sick of seeing the same landscapes and missions, maybe this information will help you uncover some of the more thrilling moments in Exoprimal.

That’s how to progress story in Exoprimal as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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