How To Report Players in League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the popular games with a huge player base and when the community becomes larger some players are not fit in it because of breaking the rules or the toxicity.

Similarly to that, there are lots of players in the League of Legends that players break the rules while playing the game or in other conditions. If you encounter such a player and want to report it to the League of Legends team but don’t know how you can report that player.

Don’t worry here we featured information that covers how any player can report another player in League of Legends without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

Report League Players

Report Player in a League of Legends?

There are multiple ways to report players in League of Legends. Here we explain how you can report another player before and after matches in LOL.

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Report Player in LOL Before The Match

If you come across any other that abuse, misbehave, refuse to play on position or griefing then you can easily report that player by following the below steps.

1. Next to the player’s name, locate a red button.

report player in lol

2. Toggle it on.

3. Pick a reportable cause.

4. To release a report, add a remark.

Report Player in LOL After The Match

After the in-game lobby the player if you encounter any player that can find toxic and want to report them then you can also do that from the official website of the Riots.

lol report player

Go to this official Riot website page and log in to your Riot account after that enter the name of the LOL player in the “Summoner Name” then enter the “Reason of Reporting” and then hit the late report button to process your report.

Here is complete information that explains all about the report system in league of legends.

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This is the end of this short guide for more helpful content do read our League of Legends Guides.

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