How To Summon Torrent Elden Ring (Guide)

How To Summon Torrent Elden Ring: In FromSoftware’s new RPG, Elden Ring, players are given a quick chance to explore the game open-world by blowing the Whistle of the Spell stone, and can conjure up a magic horse named the torrent, who can be used in the game’s fairly unrealistic mounted combat — and that turns out to be a good thing. The players of Elden Ring need to ride the horse to get around as fast as possible. 

Otherwise, they might not make it to their destination before the evil forces of Melina. There are a few keys, tips, and tricks that players need in order to ride the torrents with ease. 

They should press the Options button if they don’t have any items in their inventory, which will call up a list of items that can be used on their horse. Like this, we have this guide for you that will help you unlock, summon and ride the horse, properly without a hassle. So, be with us, and let’s get started.

Who is Torrent in the Elden Ring?

Torrent is the name of a Horse in the Elden Ring. When players mount up a magical horse named Torrent in one of the open-world sandbox areas in FromSoftware’s new RPG, Elden Ring, they get faster movement speeds, the ability to double-jump, and access to special swipe attacks and charging attacks depending on what weapons they are holding. 

Much like the player characters battered state, described in Elden Rings’ opening cinematic in particular as being amongst the deceased that still lives, a magical horse named Torrent is capable of galloping endlessly across the Lands Between without the need for rest or for food (though players can feed it Roahs rasins to regain their health). 

FromSoftware chose Torrent, as Souls games did not allow for something as simple as whistling, to send the horse roaring in the frame. The horse also benefits from having a double jump, which you can use right before hitting the ground to cushion your landing. 

Away from battle, the horse can make use of the spirit spring, which allows him to take extremely high leaps. If the horse takes too many hits and falls down during battle, you can summon it back up again in roughly ten seconds — although you will have to spend one flask of Crimson tears (HP flask) to revive it.

how to summon torrent elden ring

How to Get on the Torrent Horse?

To unlock The Horse (Torrent), you must first summon and talk with the Maiden, Melina. She will also give you a Whistle of Spectral Steed, which is what is going to let you summon a horse. 

By this item, you’ll use it to call Torrent to come into action. After it gets available in your Inventory, you can just open the menu by selecting the Options tab and selecting the Equipment option. 

Go to the lower section to the Quick Item options, available at the bottom, and then keep the Spectral Steed Whistle in one of the options available. 

It’s a recommendation to set it just directly next to the Flask of Crimson Tears. After that, you only have to press the D-pad, when you’re discovering the open world, and then by pressing the square button, summon the Torrent.

How To Use the Torrent Horse Efficiently in Elden Ring?

You are supposed to avoid Tree Sentinel, who rides on horses, early on, and return to face it after you level it up a little, but given how close this boss is to Elden Rings’ starting position, players often pick up the boss immediately upon seeing it — and they often die in the process. 

If a named dragon boss drops into your path, do not get into the fight with Jonnese (this happens occasionally), simply hop onto a horse and ride past it. Also, Nights Knights exist to test your proficiency at riding a torrent, so you will need to really get a bit nifty with your horses here. 

They are mounted riders riding big black horses, and if you spot one, in the beginning, you may need to take a wide berth or go in daylight. Right from the start, you will have to cut off the distance to Radahn the Starscoruge, as well as take time to call allies for a fight against the Red Wolf. 

While this fight is not necessary for the completion of the main story, the Starscoruge Radahn fight is one of Elden Rings more epic boss fights and one that you are probably going to stumble upon inadvertently.

If it seems that your dodging is not good enough to dodge the boss’ attacks that is likely a sign you will need to be on the mount of the Wander to take this battle. 

You may do a single summon for each boss attempt, and while the summons may die or do little damage, they may draw the focus away from your target for several seconds. 

Which is enough time for you to land a pile of hits. Like in other Souls games, you can summon other players to join in the fun for a coop, should you be having trouble against the boss.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to how to summon torrent Elden ring complete information.

How Can You summon Horse in Elden Ring?

You’ll locate the steed whistle sitting here simply hit the X button to use it. And you’ll go forward and summon the appropriate amount.

What is the quickest way to call an Elden Ring horse?

Go to the Equipment menu, than it is to Quick Items, then allocate the Spectral Seed Whistle to an open position. You don’t used any button prompts to mount Torrent when you’re using the Spectral Seed Whistle because your avatar is atop the horse right away.

What is the best way to set up a torrent ring?

Go to the menus (right hand side) and access the Pouch, then place the ring inside. And it’s in the pouch, it’ll have an unique icon). If you’re playing on PC, the default method for swiftly accessing and using goods from your purse is to hold E and then press the relevant arrow in which the ring was placed.

This is the end of this short guide.

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