How To Summon Torrent in Elden Ring

Torrent in Elden Ring Spirit Steed that the player can summon anywhere in the game for exploring the different parts of the game.

Having Torrent on your side in Elden Ring is a plus point for the player. While exploring and fighting with bosses for quicker movement.

Here we featured information such as how to get a torrent, how you can summon it and much more useful information. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

How to Get Torrent in Elden Ring

At the early stage of Elden Ring, you won’t get access to Torrent. You need to explore for a little while in the game for more time. After that, an NPC character called Melina will give you access to the Torrent.

Once you completely explore the Stranded Graveyard go to the Limgrave and explore the nearby areas. There you will find the Site of Grace simply activate it to save the game. Once you go to the reset after activating the Site of Grace the cutscene will be triggered in which an NPC character called Melina introduced herself to you.

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Melina gives you a quest to complete if you accept the quest and complete it she will offer you the Spectral Steed Whistle after ending the cutscenes and with the help of the Whistle you can use the Torrent.

How To Summon the Torrent in Elden Ring

Once you obtain the Spectral Steed Whistle from Melina all you have to do is use the Spectral Steed While in to summon the Torrent. You can easily put this while into your inventory on quick items.

Spectral Steed Whistle

For this go to the Menu and choose Options and then Equipment. Simply go to the Quick Items and press the Y button on Controller and E button keyboard to add Spectral Steed Whistle in quick items.

How to increase Torrent health bar in Elden Ring

Torrent in Elden Ring has its own health bar and whenever you fight with a boss or enemies and most of the Torrent also gets damaged and sometimes dies while fighting. However, you can resummon it after some time after using the Sacred Flask of Crimson Tears.

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But you can also increase the health bar of Torrent with the help of the Rowa Raisin or Sweet Raisin. Both the items you can obtain from the merchant located at the Church of Elleh.

More importantly, you need to craft Rowa Raisin or Sweet Raisin using the Crafting Kit. In order to craft the Rowa Raisin you need to use the Rowa Fruit and to craft the Sweet Raisin you need to use the Golden Rowa.

This is sum up for Torrent’s guide for interesting information do read our Elden Ring Guides.

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