Best Ayaka Team Comps in Genshin Impact 2.6

Ayaka Team Comps: It has been a long time since Ayaka last appeared in the character’s banner in Genshin Impact, players should probably consider switching their teams with Ayaka to give her the best synergy and unlock her full potential.

Ayaka can benefit from the buff as Ayaka is full of Freeze in her normal attack after dashing. But still, it’s worth looking into alternative setups that go beyond simply grouping all of your best fighters together, even though you can really amp up the numbers with a party of additional five-star characters.

What is the best Ayaka team comp?

Using Ayaka with Kamisato Ayaka, the game’s 5-star Hydro character is one of the finest team combinations for her in Genshin Impact. Pairing the Hydro character Mona, who is one of the finest Hydro supports in the game, with Ayaka is another excellent command to utilize on her in Genshin Impact.

This makes Mona easier to obtain than other characters such as Child and makes her a more suitable choice for Cryo Queen Ayaka’s party line-up. Ayaka Kamisato should mix well with Mona because of her enormous Cryo-polishing potential.

Ayaka team comps
Ayaka team comps

Thanks to her elemental powers, Mona can give her team shielding and healing while giving Ayaka a huge quantity of energy.

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In this case, Ayaka Kamisato will need allies who can increase her DAN Cryo production and greatly increase her damage output. Another character we want to add should make the team more powerful.

Although Ganyu is a well-liked option, we like Diona due to the assistance that her shield and healing field provide. Now, the final position is more open for various characters. Anemo characters like Kazuha or Venti are sometimes used by players to distribute Cryo or Hydro across more foes.

Best Ayaka team comps
Best Ayaka team comps

If you only want to concentrate on freezing, these are good options, especially since Venti and Kazuha produce more Energy particles than others, which Ayaka always requires.

Most of Ayaka Kamisato’s team relies on Freeze Reflex, which allows her to increase her critical strike chance and attack enemies without worrying about taking damage. In fact, it is a member of Ayaka Kamisato’s freezing team, constantly using the freezing reaction to control the flow of the battle, causing freezing damage to the opponent.

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What is the best Ayaka F2P team?

The basic tenets of that team still apply to F2P teams even though Mona, Kazuha, and the Shogun may provide some additional help for your Ayaka squad. In this team, Xingqiu is a hybrid of Mona and the Shogun.

Her Rain Sword Burst frequently uses Hydro and raises the amount of damage Ayaka takes from each hit. But when it comes to Sucrose, she only generates energy, gathers foes, and has the ability to disperse the impacts of the elements more widely. Diona performs essentially the same duties in both builds.

Ayaka team Comps Genshin Impact
Ayaka team Comps Genshin Impact

After Ayaka sprints, her normal attacks will infuse low temperature, and With Pyro or Hydropower, which will cause melt and freeze reactions, it is simple to start an elemental reaction. Thanks to the Elemental Resonance effect, you can easily increase Ayaka Kamisato’s long-awaited critical strike chance by adding another low temperature to the team.

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Adding another cryogenic character, like Diona and equipping Ayaka with the Blizzard Strayer quartet, Ayaka’s best configuration, increases her critical strike chance by 60%.

You can build Xingqui into an excellent secondary DPS and use her mainly for her elemental skill shields while supporting your DPS characters like Ayaka the Frozen Queen.

Therefore, Xingqiu, Diona, and Sucrose are Kamisato Ayaka’s best F2P choices as they allow her to deal damage efficiently, freeze enemies quickly, provide decent AoE CC, and use the optional Cryo app.

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