How to Defect Giratina in Pokemon Go Weakness, Movesets

Here we have explained how you can defect Giratian in Raid Battle in Pokemon Go without having a hassle along with Girantina’s weakness, movesets and best counters.

Giratina is a Legendary Pokémon from the Pokémon world exiled to another realm known as the Distortion World due to its aggressive behaviour. Giratina can still travel dimensions at will, but the actual world’s gravity causes it to assume its Altered Forme.

Giratina in Pokemon Go

Sometimes spotted in graves, Giratina is a ferocious protector of the Distortion World and will combat any Pokémon or anyone from another dimension if they hurt it.

In the game of Pokémon Go, The Giratina’s Altered Forme isn’t nearly as powerful as its Origin Forme. However, since both forms of Giratina utilize the same Candy, you’ll want to spend a bit more time capturing the Altered variant.

Which Pokémon should you use in a Giratina Raid?

Giratina is weak to Ice, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, and Fairy-type attacks as a Ghost and Dragon-type Pokémon. You have to pick Pokémon with an Ice, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, or Fairy-type Fast Attack and Charged Attack when choosing six Pokémon for your Giratina Raid Battle lineup.

A Pokémon of the same type as these attacks will get a same-type attack bonus, allowing these attacks to do an extra 20% damage.

Choose the Pokémon with the most excellent CP and best overall stats if you have numerous Ice, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, or Fairy-type Pokémon. Remember that the pace with which you fight Giratina influences the number of Premier Balls you earn after a successful Raid Battle, so bring your most powerful Pokémon and destroy her as quickly as possible.

How To Defect Girantina In Raid Battle?

You’ll only have a limited amount of Premier Balls to capture Giratina after a Giratina raid, so make the most of them. By competing with friends and beating Giratina faster, you may win more Premier Balls.

Curveballs may help you increase your odds even more. However, work within your capabilities. if you don’t believe you can consistently execute Excellent Curveball Throws, strive for Nice or Great Throws instead of entirely missing the target ring.

Giratina will not make it easy for you by remaining still as you attempt to capture it. Throwing when the Premier Ball is going about is a waste of Premier Balls. Watch Giratina gain a sense of its movement cycle and the pauses between cycles.

Giratina  Pokemon Go

Please wait for the target ring to resurface during one of these pauses, then throw as it begins to shrink to boost your chances of making a Great or Excellent Throw.

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You can catch with the use of berries. Giratina will be easy to capture with a Razz Berry, and a Golden Razz Berry will be much easier. If you’re having trouble landing throws, a Nanab Berry will calm Giratina and make its movements less chaotic, letting you make more accurate throws.

If you need more Giratina Candy, use a Silver Pinap Berry to make it easier to capture Giratina and give you more Candy when you do.

Like other Legendary Pokémon, Giratina is difficult to capture, so don’t give up if it escapes. Try again after loading up on helpful things such as Max Potions, Max Revives, and Golden Razz Berries.

What are the most extraordinary counters for Giratina?

Giratina can deal Ghost, Dragon, and Rock damage as a Ghost and Dragon-type. Ghost, Ice, Dragon, Dark, and Fairy are its five weaknesses. There are various successful methods now that Mega Evolution has appeared.

Giratina Best Counter attacks

Mega Gengar

Mega Gengar is the finest of the best when dealing with Giratina. Although Giratina’s Ghost-type techniques will do more damage to this Poison and Ghost-type, the Mega Energy it offers to other Ghost types on the field makes it well worth the effort.

To make the most of this advantage, be sure to collaborate with the rest of your Raid group. Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball are two moves you’ll want your Mega Gengar to know.

Mega Houndoom

Mega Houndoom is a strong pick for this Raid, even if it won’t deal nearly as much damage as Mega Gengar. It is a Dark and Fire-type that is vulnerable to Giratina’s Rock-type attack but immune to Ghost-type harm. To make the most of the Dark-type Mega Boost, make sure to coordinate with your Raid party.


Rayquaza, the mascot of Pokémon Emerald, is a formidable opponent for Giratina. Both Dragon and Rock-type attacks deliver exceptionally effective damage as a Dragon and Flying-type. Rayquaza has also been available for a long time, so most active players already have one or two of them. The moveset you’re searching for is Dragon Tail and Outrage.

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Salamence, a pseudo-Legendary Dragon and Flying-type, is simpler to get than Rayquaza and a great counter to Giratina. Bagon’s ultimate evolution in Generation III is likewise vulnerable to Dragon and Rock-type techniques. Still, it will be able to do massive amounts of damage with Dragon Tail and Outrage the whole time.


Palkia is a Water and Dragon-type Pokémon that serves as the mascot for Pokémon Pearl and the future Pokémon Shining Pearl. It will still absorb highly effective damage from Giratina’s Dragon attacks but regular damage from Rock or Ghost moves.


Since its debut during the 2019 Halloween Event, the Mythical Dark-type Darkrai has been accessible a couple of times. As the game’s strongest Dark-type, it’s a heavy hitter who’ll dispatch Giratina in no time.

It is immune to Ghost-type attacks and takes regular damage from both Dragon and Rock-type attacks, making it significantly more resilient than the Dragon-type counters in general. Snarl and Shadow Ball are the most refined techniques in a vacuum if you’re bringing Darkrai to this Raid.

On the other hand, Dark Pulse may function nicely with Mega Houndoom or Mega Gyarados.


Garchomp is the Dragon and Ground-type ultimate evolution of Gible, a gen IV pseudo-legendary. Garchomp is less vulnerable to Giratina’s Ancient Power because of its secondary Ground-type.

Most active players have had the opportunity to add Garchomp to their roster as he appeared in several events, including a Community Day. When facing Giratina, you want your Garchomp to be able to use Dragon Tail and Outrage.

Gyarados Mega

Mega Gyarados is another excellent Mega Pokémon to consider. It resists Giratina’s Ghost-type moves as a Water and Dark-type, and it has no vulnerabilities relevant to this Raid. To make the most of the Dark-type Mega Boost, you’ll need to collaborate with the rest of your Raid group. Here, you’ll want your Mega Gyarados to know the moves Bite and Crunch.


Despite its pseudo-legendary reputation, Dragonite has been made accessible in various ways since the launch of Pokémon Go. After the Community Day and Special Research, most players will create whole teams of this Dragon and Flying kind. Don’t expect it to live long. However, Dragon Tail and Outrage may drain a lot of Giratina’s health before it faints.


Haxorus, a pure Dragon-type introduced in Generation V, is Axew’s last evolution. Although it can endure Ghost and Rock-type attacks, it is vulnerable to Dragon-type attacks. You probably don’t have a lot of Axew because they’re hard to come by, but it’s an excellent counter to Giratina if you do. Dragon Tail and Dragon Claw are the best moves for this Raid.

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Giratina Weakness

what are the weakness of Giratina

Giratina is a ghost/dragon type in all forms, making it vulnerable to dark, fairy, ice, and other ghost and dragon Pokemon. Dark and fairy types will be the most successful against Giratina since they can withstand ghost and dragon-type assaults, respectively, allowing them to endure longer in combat.

Because dragon and ghost Pokemon are among the finest attackers in the game, they’ll be helpful against Giratina. Keep in mind, though, that these Pokemon are weak against their kinds, so any you deploy against Giratina will suffer a lot of damage.

Giratina Best Moveset

Giratina powerful attacks in pokemon go

The stats of Giratina are more targeted toward defence than those of Origin Forme Giratina. Hence this form isn’t as powerful. However, it still has a lot of punch, primarily when it employs ghost and dragon-type attacks.

It would help if you taught the monster the Fast Attack Shadow Claw and the Charged Attack Dragon Claw to get the most out of it offensively.

Giratina is a popular target in Pokémon Go raids, and you’ll need the same countermeasures whether you’re battling its Origin Forme or Altered Forme.

When it’s in its Origin Forme (the one that looks like a snake), the mysterious Pokémon is one of the game’s most potent ghost-type DPS. Altered Forme is primarily useful for PvP, but it’s also a valuable addition to your Pokédex.

Giratina’s Most Effective counters and flaws

Both versions of Giratina are ghost and dragon types, which means they have several flaws. If you deploy ghost- or dragon-type Pokémon against Giratina, expect to evade and take a lot of damage. Ice, dark, and Fairy-type moves will also aid in completing the task. The following are some of

To make your movements more powerful, use weather enhancements. Fog increases the effectiveness of ghost and dark-type moves. In contrast, windy weather increases the efficacy of dragon-type actions, snow increases the efficacy of ice-type attacks, and cloudy weather increases the effectiveness of Fairy-type techniques.

The ideal moveset for your Giratina depends on the one you have when you receive it.

  • Shadow Claw and Dragon Claw are the greatest movesets for Altered Forme Giratina.

This is the end of this guide for more helpful content do read our Pokemon Go Guides for more helpful information such as how to get shiny Darkrai in Pokemon Go and more.