GTA Online How to Play as Franklin and Lamar

Another surprise awaits you in the Contract DLC update for GTA Online: you are now able to play as Franklin and Lamar who are two memorable characters from the original GTA V plot. Franklin was available in the main tale, but Lamar was not, thus being able to play as both of them is great.

Before you can have access to Franklin and Lamar, you must first acquire an Agency. In GTA Online, there are various Agency homes ranging in price from $2 million to $2.8 million. After purchasing an Agency from Dynasty 8, players can visit the building to initiate a cutscene with Franklin. He will explain how the Agency operates and how to access available missions from the office PC.

How To Play as Franklin and Lamar

Franklin and Lamar GTA
Image Credit: Rockstar Games

You must first unlock Record A Studios in order to play as Franklin and Lamar. After you have completed this, you will receive a phone call from Franklin inviting you to the studios. Go over there and see the cut sequence (which is essentially you smoking at the studios) play out.

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After the cutscene, you will be able to play as Franklin or Lamar in the brief missions. It is worth noting, however, that certain missions cannot be completed alone and are intended for two-player co-op. All you have to do to access the short missions at any moment is return to Record A Studios and enter the cannabis room.

What Are the Franklin and Lamar Missions?

The tasks are designed for two-player co-op, with you taking on the roles of Franklin and Lamar. You assist Lamar with various issues at LD Organics during three action-packed missions.

This leads to a shootout with the Vagos, the sabotage of a large pot cache, and the plotting of an ambush. Although the missions are brief, they are largely made up of gunfights, so players will see a lot of action.

That’s how to play as Franklin and Lamar in GTA Online as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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