GTA Online How to Open Titan Door

In today’s guide I’ll be showing you how to open the back of the Titan Door in GTA Online. A lot of you think that’s this is a myth and it isn’t actually possible but I’m here to show you that it is very possible. 

To open the back door of the Titan, all you need to do is simply punch the back of the hatch where the door would normally open. Normally it only work from the right side of the hatch door because I’ve tried punching on the other side but it didn’t work so make sure you punch the right side to get the hatch open. 

After punching the hatch it becomes slightly open and then you need to get in the Titan or tell the Titan pilot to drive forward slightly and this will make the hatch to fall down completely and allow you to walk into the back or drive a car up the ramp into the back of it and you can access the cargo area.

open titan gate how to open
Rockstar Games

The Titan plane actually has two seats at the front, once those two seats are filled by the pilot and the copilot, passengers will fill up the red seats at the back and if you ever wonder where the actual other people in the Titan went then that’s is where they’ll seat down. When at the hatch with the other players, you can see them and you can shoot them.

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To seat at the back of the Titan, you need to go to the front door as normal if you want to sit down in the back.

How to Open Titan Door GTA Online
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You can’t actually walk into the back and take a seat. If you want to keep a car at the back and fly off, what you need to do is make sure that the car is accelerating otherwise it’ll fall out while the Titan is moving. So if you trying to keep a car in the hatch make sure someone is moving the car alongside the Titan. 

There’s no actual way to close the back door but sometimes if you fly in a certain way it’ll flip itself back closed. So that’s how to open the Titan back door in GTA Online as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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