Girafarig Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour (September 19,2023): Can it be Shiny?

Girafarig Pokemon Go

The long-necked Psychic giraffe, Girafarig will be in the next Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour. It first appeared in the anime during The Psychic Sidekicks episode in which it used a powerful Future Sight move to defeat Team Rocket’s Haunter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t possess that move in the AR-based game. Girafarig Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour will … Read more

Mega Gardevoir Pokemon Go Raid Guide: Stats, counters, and meta build


Niantic introduced four new moves in Pokemon Go in Season 12 and Gardevoir was most affected by the change. A ‘Charming’ meta-breaker, it has gotten more recognition in the PvP stages due to its access to Triple Axel Charged Move. Players can obtain the Embrace Pokemon during the Mega Gardevoir raids. As part of the … Read more

Mankey Spotlight Hour (September 12, 2023): Can it be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Mankey Pokemon Go

Mankey, the Pig Monkey, will feature in this week’s Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour. It is a Fighting-type Pokemon that belongs to the Kanto region. In the manga, a wild Mankey stole Ash Ketchum’s red cap and it led to a series of hilarious sequences that included the defeat of Team Rocket. Mankey Spotlight Hour will … Read more

Pokemon Go Community Day Classic (September 2, 2023)

Community Day Grubbin 2023

The first Pokemon Go Community Day Classic of Season 12: Adventures Abound will be celebrated on September 2. Running through November, the season will feature two ‘classic’ versions of the five Community Day events. The dates for the events are yet to be revealed. A clip shared by Pokemon Go on X titled “It’s gonna … Read more

Pokemon Go A Paldean Adventure: Raids, Pokemon debuts, and more

Pokemon GO A Paldean Adventure

Starters along with a few other Paldean creatures will make their debut during the Adventures Abound. The new season will take over on September 1, 2023, and end on December 1 at 10 AM Local Time. Beginning the Adventures Abound season will be the Pokemon Go A Paldean Adventure event. Pokemon Go: A Paldean Adventure … Read more