Catch Heatran in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Getting your hands on Legendary Pokemon is kind of a dream in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Because the chances of getting these Pokemon are few and far between from ordinary Pokemon that you encounter and catch in the game.

The Legendary Pokemon are far more powerful compared to the normal Pokemon. Heatran is also one of the Legendary Pokemon introduced in the game with Regigigas. The other name Heatran is “The Lord of Stark Mountain” and it’s well known more moving around volcanos.

Here is featured information that covers how you can catch Heatran in Pokemon Legends Arceus without having much hassle. Without further ado let’s focus on the guide.

Heatran arceus

There is a quest in the Pokemon Legends Arceus called The Plate of Firespit Island that was started when you interact with Volo. In this quest, you need to find the Firespit Island and enter the Altar of the Cauldron.

Here your journey will start you need to find the Heatran behind the walls of fire. After reaching the location you need to throw some balls of mud at the fire and after some time the Heatran starts the encounter.

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catch heatran
heatran arceus

To catch the Heatran you need to weaken it similar to the other Pokemon that you captured. Throw the Pokemon at the Heatran and the fight will begin. The Heatran is a fire and steel type Pokemon do you need a stronger pokemon such as a fighting type Pokemon one the Heatran is weak enough that you can throw the Pokeball to capture it.

This is sum up for Heatran capturing guide for more interesting content do read our Pokemon Legends Arceus Guides.

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