How To Find Apples in New World?

The important role of apples is that there would be a lot of recipes for cooking with apples and other apple-related dishes. You’ll find a lot of ingredients in the New World, but apples are rare in the New World. This guide will tell you where to find apples in the New World and what items you must check to get apples.

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Where are Apples in New World?

The New World game is a location-based scavenger hunt in a new land. The app includes a map of the land where players are encouraged to explore and need to find provisions crates scattered around the map.

You’ll find apples in provision crates. A provision crate is a crate containing food items such as bread, apples, and dried meat. You can find provisions crates through exploration, purchasing an item from another player, or receiving one as a reward for completing quests. But every time, provision crates will not give you apples.

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For this, you must find provision chests in specific locations on the map. One can only find apples in the map’s Brightwood and Reekwater areas. The game has a limited number of apples available in Brightwood and Reekwater, but the player can buy more from other provision crates scattered around the map.

1. Brightwood

Chests, Supply containers, and Provision Crates are the most common places to get apples. However, Chests will not always contain apples. The provision crates of the Brightwood region can be found in the southeast and down to the south. It is recommended to explore deep into this forest before trying to find this great place for apples.

Brightwood Apple New World

For the most part, you will be relying on Provision Crates as they usually perform better and have more apples. Apples can be consumed to regain 300 HP on a targeted character or used as a component in a recipe. You will need more than apples to make the recipes, but they are extremely helpful as long as you can obtain all the other ingredients needed.

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Apples are difficult to obtain, you cannot just pick one up here and there across the map, but if you know where you go, you will be able to find a couple to make a couple of recipes.

2. Reekwater

Reekwater is a game map of the New World Game. Reekwater is large, with no particular connective boundaries, and the region is dotted with towns and villages. There are many different types of places where you can find apples in Reekwater.

Reekwater Apples New World

The easiest place to find apples would be around Siren’s Stand on the southeastern border of the map. From town, you would follow till you reach the edge of the map, where you would see five crates stacked on top of each other at Scavenger’s Shore.

Reekwater is a nice place to find apples as long as you wait for Provision Chests to appear in Brightwood Town.

This is a good area to search for apples, as there is a good chance you will find apples inside the Provision Crates. It has many ingredients for cooking, which players must discover or farm to create recipes to help them survive the game they are playing.

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