Hogwarts Legacy: Halls of Herodiana Puzzle Answered

The Halls of Herodina is a puzzle in the RPG game Hogwarts Legacy, where you have to complete three puzzles after you take up this quest. It takes place in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower. And when you complete the quest successfully, you will be rewarded with a Herodiana outfit.

Are you having a difficult time solving Herodina’s puzzle? Rest assured, I will guide you in solving the Halls of Herodina Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy. It is one of the most challenging puzzles in the game, but if you follow this guide, you will, without any doubt, succeed!

Halls of Herodina Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy -Solution

Halls of Herodina The puzzle is in Hogwarts Castle. The castle is full of secret chambers, and the Halls of Herodina are one of the most complex. You have to go into a secret chamber to start this quest. 

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Halls of Herodina Puzzle 1 Solution 

  • Firstly, you will need to get into the room. The quest will take you to the basement of Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower.
  • There you will see a notch on the wall; on that notch, you have to cast Depulso, and a chamber will open. 
  • The first puzzle will appear in front of you, and it will be two big blocks in the middle of an empty room. 
  • Now cast Depulso on the blocks to push them against the wall so that you can climb it.

Halls of Herodina Puzzle 2 Solution

  • For the second puzzle,  pull the blocks on the left to the right with the “Accio” spell.
  • Now the two blocks will form a staircase.
  • Now use Accio again to pull it towards the opposite wall.
  • Use Accio to pull it over to the exit wall.
  • Use Accio one last time to pull it against the opposite wall. 
  • You can now climb up the stairs and jump over to the exit.
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Halls of Herodina Puzzle 3 Solution

The third puzzle is the hardest. 

  • To start this puzzle, use Accio on the two blocks to pull them against the wall on your right.
  • Use Depulso to push it against the block on the wall before you.
  • Now use Accio to pull it over to the opposite wall.
  • Now use these blocks to climb over the solid bricks on the wall to your lift.
  • Now you have to shoot a cast at the gold glowing cub statue, which will reset the block’s position.
  • Now pull the blocks to the exit wall with Accio. 
  • Use Accio once more towards you, and the blocks will form a staircase.
  • Jump over and climb up. 

Once you finish the third puzzle, you will be rewarded with a Herodiana outfit that will be added to your collection.

Hogwarts Legacy is an action-role-playing game version of the Harry Potter novel series. The game is set in the late 1800s, before the Harry Potter novel series. The game is full of puzzles that can be tricky and strange. 

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