Genshin Impact: All Kalpalata Lotus Locations

The Kalpalata Lotus is a type of plant introduced in the game when the region of Sumeru was introduced in 2022 in Genshin Impact. It is a delicate flower that grows in specific locations. It helps you to level up a few characters in the game. 

The only use of the Kalpalata Lotus is solely to ascend specific characters. The characters that need the Kalpalata lotus to ascend are Dori and Nahida.

In this article, I have created a guide for you on all the locations and the best route to travel to all these locations to get enough Kalpalata Lotus and ascend your favorite characters in Genshin Impact.

Where to find the Kalpalata Lotus in Genshin Impact?

The Kalpalata Lotus is rare, and you can buy up to five of them from an NPC Aramani at 1000 Mora. It takes three days to restock the Lotus. But if you are looking to farm more of the Kalpalata Lotus, here are all the locations you can find this flower in Sumeru.

  • Ghandara Ville and Northwest from Yazadaha Pool
  • South of Vimara Village and around Mawtiyima Fores
  • Around Vanaeana and in the southeast region of Devantaka Mountain
  • In Apam Woods and North from Ruins of Dhari 
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You can repeatedly farm enough Lotu to level up your characters by visiting these locations.

What are the best routes to farm Kalpalata Lotus in Genshin Impact?

These plants are only found in specific areas, but here is the best route to farm this plant from its available locations. By using this route, you will cover all four locations to farm as much of Kalpalata Lotus in the game.

  1. Start from the waypoint west from the Apam Woods to get this plant growing on the Plateau’s sides. Glide north to Yasna Monument to get to the next bunch.
  2. The next spot is south of Vimara Village. The Devantaka Mountain is where the next bunch of plants are. You have to climb this mountain. To move to the Northwest, teleport to the next station.
  3. Finally, teleport to the statue of the seven near Gandhara Vile and glide down to the waterfall there. The last station is Mawtiyima Forest. Follow the cliff to collect the final bunch of Kalpalata lotus.
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That’s all the best route for the locations you can get the Kalpalata Lotus in the Genshin impact.

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