Hogwarts Legacy: How Often Do Unicorns Spawn?

The video game adaption of the Harry Potter movie series: Hogwarts Legacy is a game that is full of magic for the players to capture and take care of, some will be easier to catch, and some will be difficult. The game has thirteen beasts that you can capture and bring back to your Room of Requirements to care for.

Unicorns are one of those beasts. Unicorns are fantastic and majestic beasts that are a bit to catch in Hogwarts Legacy. It is incredibly tricky to find a Unicorn in the world of Hogwarts, and Hippogriff is more run into by players than unicorns. However, knowing how to catch Unicorns is essential to make your character stronger,

Unicorns are rare, but there are some clues you can follow to catch a Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy. This Magical beast lives deep in the forbidden forest. There are a few steps you must have to complete before you go to catch a Unicorn successfully. 

Where Do Unicorns Spawn in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy Unicorn
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Although the world of Hogwarts Legacy is massive, the rare mythical creatures of Unicorns are hard to find they are only available in one location, which is the Northwest of Upper Hogsfield. Players can reach there in two ways. 

  1. Teleporting to the Upper Hogsfield Floo Flame and heading west to the Unicorn Den. However, you want to either by foot, with a Broom, or by a mounted Beast in Hogwarts legacy.
  2. Fast travel to the East Noth Ford Bog Entrance Floo Flame and head south direction.
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How Often Do Unicorns Spawn?

Once you find the Unicorn den successfully, you will notice only one Unicorn in the den. These magical creatures, much like the game’s resources, will respawn after three in-game days.

The easiest way to ensure you are using the den to its full potential is by sitting near the den and fast-forwarding until you catch another Unicorn. If you get lucky, this method might also help you capture a shiny Unicorn. You can also use this method and breed unicorns and make more.

There is only one named unicorn you can catch in the game: Hazel. For this, you have to finish Niamh Fitzgerald’s trial, then go to Hogsmeade and approach Betty Bugbrooke who will ask you to find Hazel with the quest “The Unique Unicorn,” which will locate you to Hazel’s den.

How do you farm unicorns in Hogwarts Legacy?

To catch a unicorn, you need to complete these steps:

  • Use Accio to hinder its movement 
  • Cast Glacius spells or Arresto Momentum to freeze or hold the Unicorn in its place
  • Grab the Nab-sack to capture the Magical Beast.
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This is all you need to know about this magical rare mythical beast in the game. Hope you are successful in farming one. This is all for how often the Unicorn spawn in Hogwarts Legacy for more relevant guides do check our Hogwats Legacy guides section.

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