Is Dragon, Unicorn, or Phoenix Better in Hogwarts Legacy?

Is dragon, unicorn, or phoenix better in Hogwarts Legacy for your wand? That’s what we’re about to find out. In the Harry Potter film and book series, the wand chooses the wizard.

However, in Hogwarts Legacy, you can control whatever wand you choose. When you visit Hogsmeade, your first task is to pick up basic supplies for your classes in Hogwarts, including your wand.

The moment you enter the Olivander store and your wand chooses you; you’ll get more information about the wand and how you can customize it.

The wand you get is usually based on your Harry Potter Fan Club preference. However, you can customize the wand’s style, length, core, color, wood type, and flexibility further.

Although the length, flexibility, wood type, and other features are mostly aesthetic additions, the core will affect your spells, gameplay, and combat. 

Types of Wand Core in Hogwarts Legacy

Before diving into the question ‘Is dragon, unicorn, or phoenix better in Hogwarts Legacy?’ it’s essential to know your options. Although you can only have one core in your wand, you can choose which core you leave Olivander’s shop with. Below are the cores available in Hogwarts Legacy.

Dragon Heartstring Unicorn Hair and Phoenix Hogwarts Legacy
Avalanche Software

Dragon Heartstring

This core is quite similar to Hermione Granger’s wand core. It is the most powerful and learns spells very quickly.

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However, you should note that a dragon heartstring core is very temperamental, so be ready for accidents. It creates strong bonds with its owner but can be persuaded to change loyalties. If you want the powers of the Dark Arts, this might be your best choice.

Unicorn Hair

This is the closest core to Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley’s wands. This type of wand core is known for producing consistent magic.

It is also viewed as the most faithful of all wand types because it develops a strong connection to its first owner. Its loyalty cannot easily be changed, so stay away if you want to learn the Dark Arts.

Phoenix Feather

This is the last of the cores and the rarest of them all. This wand core can learn the most incredible range of magic, making it the best option for studious witches and wizards.

However, the phoenix feather core is very picky about its owner and tends to act of its own accord. It is hard to tame and isn’t easily won over. 

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Is Dragon, Unicorn, or Phoenix Better in Hogwarts Legacy

When picking a wand core, you need to consider the pros and cons of each wand core. The simple tips below will help you determine which is better for you while playing Hogwarts Legacy.

Final Thoughts

Is Dragon, unicorn, or Phoenix better in Hogwarts Legacy? It entirely depends on what the wizard is looking for. We’re not entirely sure how each core’s attributes manifest in the game, but it never hurts to be careful. Enjoyed this guide? Find out how you can ride a unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy.

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