Hogwarts Legacy: How To Level Up Faster?

Like any other great RPG game, levels are an integral part of the game, and leveling up and increasing them will make the game more interesting, give you more rewards, give you new abilities, and unlock exciting new items in the game. Leveling up by completing quests will also give you access to new spells.

I will help you learn how to level up in Hogwarts Legacy in this article since it works differently from levelling up in other games. You can only access many quests if you are at a higher level, so it’s essential to level up in the game to complete it.

hogwarts legacy how to level up
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How To Level Up Fastest in Hogwarts Legacy?

To level up in Hogwarts Legacy, you must earn XP by.

  • Completing Field Guide Challenges 
  • Completing Main Story Quests 
  • Completing Side Quests
  • Participating in Dark Battle Arenas
  • Finding Demiguise Status
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You should keep checking Field Guide Quests regularly for new challenges and milestones and to collect your rewards. Besides quests and challenges, leveling up also depends on how to get Talent points in Hogwarts Legacy to make further progress through the Hogwarts Legacy Talents System.

Wizard’s Field Guide Challenges

To level up fast in Hogwarts Legacy, you can also increase your XP by focusing on completing the Wizard’s Field Guide challenges and competing in battle arenas.

The Wizards Field Guide is the book Professor Weasly hands out to players so they can track their Hogwarts journey and catch up on their magic studies in the game. There are all sorts of challenges in the book that fall under these categories.

  • Combat 
  • Quests 
  • Exploration 
  • Field Guide pages 
  • Room of Requirements

What is the Hogwarts Legacy Max Level?

The maximum level in Hogwarts Legacy is Level 40. Hitting this level at the end of the main story after you have hit everything on your way to the max level. You will get the “A Forte For Achievement” trophy. Reaching the higher levels requires learning skills and progressing in the main story and quests.

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Here’s an approximate breakdown of how many hours of playtime will get you to a higher level 

  • Level 10:  Around 10 hours of playtime
  • Level 20:  Around 20 hours of playtime
  • Level 30:  Around 30-40 hours of playtime
  • Level 40:  Around 40-50 hours of playtime

Five Best Talents To Unlock First in Hogwarts Legacy

Talents are only unlocked for players once they reach the game’s midpoint, but talents are the essential elements of your character’s build. They allow you to build upon your existing character abilities and spells.

Unlocking talents for the first time might be challenging. Talents also help you get to higher levels. Here are the five best talents to prioritize to get into Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Spell Knowledge I and II
  • Swift 
  • Wiggenweld Potency 
  • Diffindo Mastery
  • Human Demiguise

That’s all you need to know about levels in the game, so go ahead and have fun playing the game and getting to the max level. This is all for how to level up faster in Hogwarts Legacy. For more relevant guides do check our Hogwarts Legacy guides section.

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Hogwarts Legacy is an RPG video game for PS4, PS 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. There are many things to explore in the Wizarding World, including finding wand handles and collecting trophies. Explore the Hogwarts Legacy world. In Hogwarts School, learn spells and fly with a broom in the game.

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