How to Solve the Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle

In Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll encounter many puzzles while completing quests, and the Hogwarts Legacy Bell puzzle is one of them. For most players, moving past this puzzle is difficult.

The bell puzzle requires a specific solution, which we will share in this article. Follow our step-by-step guide to solve the bell puzzle side quest and proceed to the next level. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

How to Find Hogwarts Legacy Musical Map

Before solving the Hogwarts Legacy Bell puzzle, you must visit Henrietta’s Hideaway for the musical map. This hideaway is located at the southeastern tip of the Manor Cape peninsula, and you can easily find it on the map.

There are ruins located just above Henrietta’s Hideaway, and they’re strongly guarded by an army of Ashwinders, including the famous Dunstan Trinity.

Therefore, while approaching this location, players need to apply caution. If you’re clueless about how to find the entrance, all you have to do is follow the path that leads southeast and then take a left.

You’ll find the entrance to the hideaway right at the bottom of the steps. Once you enter Henrietta’s Hideaway, you must solve a puzzle to proceed.

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This puzzle can be easy to solve if you know what to do. All you have to do is turn towards the left reaper statue and either use the Incendio spell or Confringo to light the brazier in front of the statue.

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This will cause the statue to turn and reveal the block you need to solve the puzzle. Now, you only need to use Wingardium Leviosa to place the block on the left pedestal in front of the door. Use Incendio or Confringo on the block to the left and Glacius on the block on the right platform.

That’s it! The door will open, but before you enter, you must light the brazier in front of the reaper statue on the right. This will reveal a gear-filled chest you can plunder.

Once you reach the door, you’ll come across Ashwinders, and you have to fight them or use the Disillusionment spell to sneak past them.

Ensure you use Revelio to mark all your enemies so you don’t miss them. Make it past the room and head towards the staircase to the left of the central statue. 

At the top of the staircase, take a right and keep on that path. You’ll soon come across a magical floor that’ll teleport you back if you step on it. Passing this floor can be tricky, but it’s not impossible.

You can use Wingardium Leviosa to place an object on the trap floor before quickly crossing. Alternatively, you can use Arresto Momentum to stop the trap door from trapping you.

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However, the second option is only available if you completed Madam Kogawa’s Second Assignment. Once you enter the trap door, you’ll enter a new room with Ashwinders. Use any of the earlier suggested strategies to get past them and then head towards the wall beneath the southern balcony.

This wall is unique, and heading toward it will reveal a hidden entrance. When you walk through the entrance, all you have to do is look to your left, and you’ll see the musical map you need sitting on a table just waiting for you.

How to Locate Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle in the Solved by the Bell Quest

You can find the Hogwarts Legacy Bell puzzle inside the ruins of Clagmar Castle. This is located in the Clagmar Coast region. The castle is just southeast of the region’s center and has its floo flame. The castle also has Ashwinders, so it’s best to be prepared for battle.

  1. The bell on the bottom right
  2. The third bell down on the left
  3. The second bell down on the left
  4. The second bell down on the right
  5. The third bell down on the left
  6. The top bell on the left
  7. The top bell on the right
  8. The second bell down on the right

When you enter the castle and get past the Ashwinders, head to the southeastern part, and you’ll find the Hogwarts Legacy Bell puzzle. You must hit the bells with your Basic Cast, and they’ll play the notes on the musical map. If done correctly, you’ll hear the iconic Harry Potter theme song being played.

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How to Solve the Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle

When you see the bells, it’s easy to tell by the two empty spaces in the rows that you must find the missing bells to put them back in order.

All you need to do is cast the Revelio spell; you’ll find that one bell is underneath the stairs on the level above you, and the other bell is on the rafters. Use Wingardium Leviosa to pick up the bells and place them correctly.

The bigger bell belongs on the top left, and the smaller bell’s place is on the bottom right. While it can be difficult to position them correctly, mastering Wingardium Leviosa before the quest can make it easier. 

Final Thoughts

The Hogwarts Legacy Bell puzzle is an exciting and adventurous quest players will surely enjoy. Players tend to have fun playing the bells when in place, and players are rewarded with a treasure chest after the tune plays. That’s it on solving the bell puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy; explore our Hogwarts Legacy guides to learn more.