Hollow Knight Maps Guide (2024)

Hollow Knight Maps has all the major point locations that you should know for multiple purposes. Such as killing the bosses, getting the charm or the exploration and many more.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a 2D action-adventure video game in which players need to explore the hidden maps and fight with enemies and bosses in order to get rewards and unlock other maps. You can play this game on macOS, PC, Xbox One, Switch and PS4.

The story of the knight is all about an epic search for the hidden secrets of the abandoned insect kingdom called “Hallownest.”

Hollow Knight Maps
Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

Interactive Map of Hollow Knight

The Reddit user known as the u/raniningchain has developed a fully interactive map of Hollow Knight. Technically, this map provides complete details of each corner of the different hollow knight maps.

You can simply zoom in and out in order to few the details of any particular map of Hollow Knight. You should be aware that the game can be completed in several ways. It means that you can choose an entirely different way to achieve the game than is mentioned here.

The game currently has many explorable maps, each with a number of areas, paths, and enemies that have to be defeated. So you must show how to finish it in a strategic way and reach the goal to win before the game starts. Here are some maps and a way to complete them. Let’s explore and!

All Hollow Knight Maps

  • Abyss
  • Ancient Basin
  • City of Tears
  • Colosseum of Fools
  • Crystal Peak
  • Deepnest
  • Dirtmouth
  • Fog Canyon
  • Forgotten Crossroads
  • Fungal Wastes
  • Godhome
  • Greenpath
  • Hive
  • Howling Cliffs
  • Kingdom’s Edge
  • Queen’s Gardens
  • Resting Grounds
  • Royal Waterways
  • White Palace

We have shared the details of the all maps available in Hallow Knight with the help of data shared by the contributor on hollowknight.fandom one of the biggest gaming wikis on the web. Moreover, all these maps are shared by the fandom contributors and their credit belongs to them.


Abyss Map
The Abyass Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

The Abyss is one of the lowest area maps of Hollow Knight where you get the biggest chasm that is filled with the shells of vessels. Here you can also obtain the Void heart with the help of the Dream Nailed egg along with other items within the nearby area.

Ancient Basin

Ancient Basin Hollow Knight Map
Ancient Basin Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

The Ancient Basin is a tunnel-based map which almost created with rocks and fossils along with some roots on the path. Basically, this map is below the Royal Waterways and here you can explore some amazing areas such as Deepest, Kingdom’s Edge, The Pale King Statue, Infected Balloon as enemies and more.

Colosseum of Fools

Colosseum of Fools Hollow Knight Map
Colosseum of Fools Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

Technically the Colosseum of Fools is within the biggest ancient insect or bug. The area of this map like similar to the curved out shell, you can also observe the multiple chains holding the shell in its place in this map.

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Crossroads Map

Crossroads Map
Crossroads Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

Traders and travellers use ancient roads. Such roads were completely ruined, and nobody was even trying to repair them. They get infected by aggressive bugs and strange beings who hang over the map to find someone to kill.

You should therefore be careful when navigating the map because there is a danger in every corner. To defeat you there are up to four powerful bosses and they’ll certainly never let you go.

The map includes four areas to be explored, including the Ancestral Mound, the Black Egg Temple, the Hidden Crossroad and the Special Rooms.

There are many brutal enemies to be confronted and the map is quite challenging.

Up to 30 geos will open this map for the player to fight challenges such as the Gruz Mother, False Knight and Brooding Malek Failed Champion.

You may use a powerful Vengeous Spirit when navigating the map, and easily defeat False Knight to open up a range of objects, such as City Crest, Mask Shard and Vessel Fragment.

Just behind the fake wall, there’s a hidden room, and you need Super Dash. While it’s not a difficult boss for False Knight to defeat, you can still wait for the shockwave to jump over the land. When the False Knight is shot out, the head is revealed and you can attack the maggot.

Deepnest Map

Deepnest Hollow Knight Map
Deepnest Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

The Deepnest Map is one of the popular maps among Hollow Knight fans because the Deepnest map is kind of a hidden area within the deep of Hollownest with different types of creatures and enemies.

Greenpath Map

Greenpath Map
Greenpath Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

Although the map is similar to other maps in style and design, it does have complete aims, a set of items to be opened and three epic bosses to be defeated. The bosses’ names are as follows:

  • Hornet
  • Massive Moss Loader
  • No Eyes – Warrior’s Grave

The player’s goal is to navigate the map from the top down and meet the requirements of every task the game assigns to unlock items such as Mask Shard, Vessel Fragment and Mothwing Cloak. The cost of opening this game is 60 Geo, and the price on the stage is 140 Geo.

To approach Conifer, first, you will need Mothwing Cloak, then move left and right out of the Hunter to cut some vines holding logs and overcome the boss.

Fungal Wastes Map

Fungal Wastes Map
Fungal Wastes Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

The City of Tears, Deepest, Fog Canyon, Crossroads Out Forgotten and more have many connections to other maps. The environment is packed with spores, and the residents of the waste, like a mushroom, do not like the bug.

You will meet several NPCs during your play, including Conifer, Hornet and Bretta. Sprog, Shrumeling, Fungoon and more are the main enemies in this field.

Station of queens (Sub-Area)

It’s a huge terminal that’s usually downloaded. This map is nevertheless linked to Fog Canyon, where Willoh will meet the player and Quirrell will be found for the third time.

Village of Mantis (Sub-Area)

The map contains a small map that offers a place to live for the “Mantises” warrior race. The enemies are usually hostile, but after the Mantis lord’s demise, they can no longer attack.

Forgotten Crossroads Map

Forgotten Crossroads Hollow Knight Map
Forgotten Crossroads Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

Technically, the Forgotten Crossroads Hollow Knight Map is located beneath the Dirtmouth map. This map consists of multiple roads and caverns.

Dirtmouth Map

Dartmouth Map
Dirtmouth Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

The small village Dirtmouth was located at the beginning of the game. It is the place where the protagonist is accurately entering Hallownest. The buildings are closed at the beginning, and there are not only non-player characters.

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However, most NPCs are discovered during the gameplay, and several of them go back to the city and open these buildings, including Crofessor Jiji, Two Merchants, Stag Station.

The big bosses wait for you and are named Grey Prince Zote, Grimm and King Grimm Nightmare. Many enemies will try to fight you by fulfilling the goals but you can easily overcome all the obstacles by using the unlockables. The map is divided into two parts

  • Special Rooms
  • King’s Pass

Fog Canyon Map

Fog Canyon Map
Fog Canyon Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

In the Hollow Knight video game full of bubbles, fog, and acid, Fog Canyon is one of the smallest regions. The teacher’s achievement is at the core of the area.

There are two areas to explore, Teachers and Overgrown Mound. The player called Uumuu is only waiting for a boss. The player can use hurling spells during the game to overcome all obstacles and take enemies forward.

Howling Cliffs Map

Howling Cliffs Map
Howling Cliffs Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

You need up to 75 geos (in-game currency) and unlock all other escalators to access the Stag Nest to unlock this area. Two collectors, such as Baldur Shell and Joni’s Blessing, are available for collection.

The player ultimately has to fight to defeat Gorb, Warrior’s Grave’s ultimate boss. Three objects can be unlocked during the gameplay, for example:

  • King’s Idol
  • Wanderer’s Journal
  • Vessel Fragment

City of Tears Map

city of tears map
City of Tears Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

The Hallownest capital is the heart of the great Kingdom, called the Tears City. Now the guards are still dedicated to their job, they are crawling with the bug husks.

The city seems to be built into a cavern and the water continually flows into the stones above from cracks. However, by unlocking the main door with the use of City Crest, the “City of Tears” can be accessed through the Fungal Wastes.

There are also many other ways, including the Ancient Basin, to approach the city. Battling four powerful bosses is not an easy job and the bosses’ names are:

  • Soul Master
  • Soul Tyrant
  • The Collector
  • Watcher Knight

However, with an approach that is somewhat strategic and has strong characteristics (Desolate Dive and Shade Soul), you can take the map by defeating every boss.

The map of Wanderer Journal, Hallownest Silk, Rancid Egg, Simply Key and Vessel Fragment certainly has several things unblocked. The map contains several items.


Godhome Hollow Knight Map
Godhome Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

The Godhome map in Hollow Knight is located in the Dream Realm and this map consists of several locations along with powerful bosses. In terms of the interface of this map, the area mainly consists of golden colour pillars along with archways.

Crystal Peak Map

Crystal Peak Map
Crystal Peak Godhome Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

The area appears to have a peculiar power hidden in crystals on this map. In the dark, a point of heat in each one will grow. The peculiar forces. It is located in the eastern part of Dartmouth and is mined by a massive mountain. Two powerful bosses guard the area, for example:

  • Cristalline Guardian
  • Wrathful Guardian

The player meets a variety of new enemies when playing the game. Each one has a unique power and capacity to overcome the player. But you don’t have to panic, because when you get in trouble, many things can be unlocked and magic spells come to help you.

The Hive Map

the hive map hollow knight
The Hive Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

The Hive map is mainly a location of a massive community of bees and this map is under the Kingdom Edge map. You can only able to explore this map if you have Tram Pass that you need to obtain from Deepnest map.

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Resting Grounds Map

Resting Grounds Map
Resting GroundsHollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

A huge area filled with tombs and tombs. It’s located at the end of Hallownest and you can get to it from three different areas, such as the Tears City, the Forgotten Crossroads or the Crystal Peak as the protagonist.

Here is the monument you will discover and find on the Dreamers’ site. The Dream Nail is also given to you; then you will find your character in a house which gives the map details and helps you to gather the essence.

There’s only one boss here to protect the door leading you to the next map, Xero. When you move through the map, the two hands are given items like Dream Nail, Idol of the King, and Journal of the Wanderer.

Kingdom’s Edge Map

Kingdoms Edge Map
Kingdom’s Edge Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

The Edge of the Kingdom is the far eastern part of Hallownest and is completely covered with snow. But the bodies fall in the acid from the Fool’s Colosseum.

The way you get to a huge geo deposit is through this map. A number of characters, including Conifer, Hornet, Mister Mushroom, Tiso and Nailmaster Oro, are interacting with them. You can find two powerful bosses on your journey and cope with your tasks. There are two bosses:

  • Markoth
  • Hornet

The map is divided into 2 areas, such as Cast-off Shells and Special Rooms. In the game, the Wyrm shell flowers into white ash that looks like snow.

Queen’s Gardens Map

Queen's Garden Map
Queen’s Gardens Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

A luxurious area is full of ornate doors, thorns and perilous platforms. The map is located close to Hallownest’s western part. Mantis Traitors have been banned from their area overlooked by the gardens of the car.

This map offers a perfect mix of both bugs and flora, as opposed to the Verdant Wilds from Hallownest. All garden areas are covered with green foliage of all sizes and shapes, like their nearby area “Greenpath.”

Two bosses Traitor Lord and Marmi are guarded over every door. There are various enemy types, among them Loodle, Mantis Petra, Aluba, and Maskfly. There’s only one item to open “Love Key.”

Royal Waterways

Royal Waterways Map
Royal Waterways Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

The Royal Waterways map mainly consists of the water from the sewage pipes. Moreover, the map is under the City of Tears, so you see the rain on the path on this map. More than half of this map has water and trash.

White Palace

White Palace Hollow Knight Map
White Palace Hollow Knight Map (Image via Team Cherry)

The White Palace is where the Pale King lived previously and you face multiple types of challenges in this Hollow Knight Map.

What is Pale Ore in Hollow Knight?

Pale Ore is one of the rarest items that is found in 6 different locations in the Hollow Knight game in the Hollowness. After taking down the enemies in the game you get some rewards such as Void Heart or charms.

To win each battle in the Hollow Knight you need some extra stuff such as charms and special items including Pale Ore.

You can upgrade your Nail to approx. with each piece of Pale Ore along with it, you can use a small amount of the Geo for the up-gradation. The nail of the player is the key to taking down the enemies to complete the game and meet the hollow knight endings.

All Pale Ore Locations in Hollow Knight

Pale Ore is hard to find in the hollow knight game. You will be surprised to know there are 6 locations to get them in the entire video game. Finding Pale Ore can be hard for anyone if they don’t where they have to find it. According to lots of gamers, it becomes annoying when you need to get the last Pale Ore.

Don’t worry here, we are shown all the locations where you can find Pale Ore without having a hassle.

There are 6 different locations for Pale Ore:

  1. Hallownest’s Crown
  2. Ancient Basin
  3. Deepnest
  4. Grubfather
  5. The Seer
  6. Colosseum of Fools

How Many Charms in the Hollow Knight Game?

There are almost 45 charms in the entire Hollow Knight game and each charm has its own specialties that help the player to get some additional items such as the Unbreakable Heart charm that increases the HP of the player. Which is very helpful to take down enemies.

These are all the Hollow Knight Maps with complete information regarding each map and how to use the navigation via maps to reach the ending of the Hollow Knight Game.

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