Hollow Knight Endings: Explained and How To Get Them

Hollow Knight Endings are one of the most interesting parts of the Hollow Knight game. Every player wants to know how many endings in the game and how to unlock them. Well, there are multiple endings in the hollow knight and all are different with new exploration.

What is Hollow Knight?

Hollow knight is a Metroidvania game that features a single-player knight how has to kill all the bosses in the game and reach the endings. The knight can use the charms in the game to get special powers and abilities to attack the bosses with his nail.

There are almost 45 hollow knight charms in the complete hollow knight game. All charms are different with various powers such as the Long nail charm which increases the length of the nail by about 10 percent that helps the player to avoid close combat with enemies.

Hollow Knight Sliksong is the new version of the game which is going to release soon. The new version has all the new charms and endings along with new bosses.

Team Cheery developer of the hollow knight did not release any official date to launch the hollow knight sliksong until now but rumors says, it going to release in the last of 2021.

How Many Endings in Hollow Knight?

Technically, there is a total of 3 hollow knight endings along with a single post-credit scene. Here we guide you on how to get them without having a hassle and which charm will be perfect to obtain while reaching the ending.

Firstly, we aware that this guide will be a spoiler for you so make sure you want to know all about the hollow knight endings before you reach them in the game.

(I) The Hollow Knight Ending

The Hollow Knight Ending is one of the simplest endings to achieve in the complete game. You’ve to take down the 3 dreamers and head to the Temple of the Black Egg.

The ending is all about fighting the hollow knight. There the player will find the hollow knight who engages with the last boss fight. After defeating the hollow knight you’ll be replaced with his position as the hollow knight and continue the game.

The requirement for this hollow knight ending is Not having acquired Void Heart and the second is killing the hollow knight. When the hollow knight dies you’ll absorb his infection to yourself. After that, the Knight is sealed into the Black Egg and the game ends.

(II) Sealed Siblings

By the name of it, you might get it this is a bad ending in the Hollow Knight game. What happens when you’ll kill the 3 dreamers and get charmed named “Void Heart”.

After that, you’ll have to move forward to the Head of the Temple of the Black Egg. In this place, you will find the Hornet and take down the hollow knight.

In simple words, at the end of the fight, the Hornet will swoop the descends in and cracks the Hollow Knight’s crust with her Needle before restricting them and presenting the Knight a possibility.

(III) True Ending: Dream No More

This is a better ending to the Hollow Knight which you find in the way to the sealed siblings. Firstly you’ve to take down all the dreamers and obtain the void heart.

When yourself fighting the Hollow Knight, Hornet will bind him down and at this point, You’ve used the Dream Nail to release the Radiance which is a boss battle that serves 3 challenging courses. Once you win the Radiance, the infection will pass and the Hollow Knights can irrevocably rest.

(IV) Embrace the Void

In this ending the player first necessitates unlocking the Pantheon of Hallownest by succeeding all Pantheons ere it. After battling by all of the Pantheon, the Knight is engaged with the ultimate boss: Absolute Radiance.

Simultaneous Absolute Radiance’s loss, the Knight’s shell divides open and their Spirit falls into the roiling piece of Void underneath. Soon after the screen displays and quickly the Void Entity arrives in the Knight’s area. After prying open Absolute Radiance’s front, the Void Entity then continues to sever and rip at her unto she ultimately collapses into Essence.

later, Void begins to rain down from the heavens inside God’s home and the Godseeker is observed, staring up in shock as the inky material leaks out from beyond the clouds. The Void Entity abruptly shoots downwards to the central atrium of God’s home and on its passing, a few Void appendages reach out and wrap up Godseeker transmitting her fate unfinished. Then the scene dissolves to the physical body of the God seeker yet in the Junk Pit drooling Void as her body begins to quiver and drain out even more of the black material. Presently, black feelers split out of her body and begin beating out.

The scene changes repeatedly to inside the Temple of the Black Egg whither? Hornet gazes perplexed at the shrivelling plants of the Infection. A figure moving chain quickly lurches out which creates Hornet to set her guard. This composition, although undefined, is considered to be the Hollow Knight, now disengaged from their duty to restrain the Radiance.

(V) Delicate Flower

The dramas that play out earlier are the same as Embrace the Void. Yet, just as the Void limbs begin to explode out from the Godseeker, a drop of Void arrives on the Delicate Flower which is being held by the fading bug. In a bright white flash, the Godseeker and the Void vanish bequeathing only the flower upon the spot with a trace of black on one of its bracts.

Post-Credit Scene: Passing of the Age

The Passing of the Age performance can only be achieved once you’ve implemented the Spore Shroom charm. This permits you to talk to Mr. Mushroom which you will have to obtain at 7 multiple locations in Hollow Knight. Once you’ve completed that, you can conquer the game and the post-credits scene will display Mr. Mushroom floating by above right before showing a TO BE CONTINUED screen.

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Hopefully you find this short guide about the hollow knight endings helpful to know about all them. Please let us know your reaction about the endings and what you think about them using the comment box.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some commonly asked question with answer regarding the Hollow Knight Endings.

How many endings are in hollow Knight?

There are 5 endings in the hollow knight game but, only 3 endings are count in the game along with the post-credit scene.

What is the best ending in hollow Knight?

Defeat the Hollow Knight to get this ending. In this finish, you take the Hollow Knights position, simply because Hornet is sealed with yourself, the cycle is finished permanently as no brand-new knights can infiltrate the Black Egg and the disease will ultimately destroy all of bug kind

What is the true ending of hollow Knight?

Once you produce destroyed the Radiance, the infection fades and the Hollow Knight cycle finishes. This exhibition unlocks The Passing of the Age’s success. Once you hold the Spore Shroom charm, you can communicate to Mr. Mushroom at 7 various positions in Hollow Knight

How did the Pale King die?

The Pale King most possible advanced into covering through the infection by installing his White Palace inside of the memory of a Kingsmould.

There he both withered away, perpetrated die, converted into a new presence, was destroyed by the void, or something absolutely accidental that Team Cherry chooses to unite in with the Hornet DLC.