Hollow Knight Greenpath: Hornet, Mothwing Clock and more

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Certainly, revisiting Greenpath in Hollow Knight marks a significant milestone in your journey through the intricate game world. This dense, toxin-filled biome not only introduces a more challenging environment with enhanced platforming elements but also sets the stage for encounters with new adversaries and the acquisition of vital abilities. Arriving at Greenpath map involves uncovering … Read more

Hollow Knight Maps Guide (2024)

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Hollow Knight Maps has all the major point locations that you should know for multiple purposes. Such as killing the bosses, getting the charm or the exploration and many more. Hollow Knight Hollow Knight is a 2D action-adventure video game in which players need to explore the hidden maps and fight with enemies and bosses … Read more

All Hollow Knight Endings? Explained

Hollow Knight Ending

Hollow Knight has different endings and all ends are one of the most interesting parts of the Hollow Knight game. Every player wants to know how many endings are in the game and how to unlock them. Well, there are 6 endings in the hollow knight and all are different with new exploration. What is … Read more

20 Best Hollow Knight Charms (2024)

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There are more than 40 charms available in Hollow Knight and each grants a different ability that you can use in the game. However, finding them is kind of difficult here we mentioned some best Hollow Knight charms that we think come in handy to progress faster in the game. Hollow Knight is an outstanding … Read more