Pokemon Go Catching Some Z’s Event: Date, Catching Komala and more

Niantic has finally revealed the infographic for Pokemon Go Catching Some Z’s event. The next weekend is going to be delightfully dreamy, with Regieleki available in the 5-Star Raids and the release of normal-type Komala in Pokemon Go. Mega Blaziken will be back in the 4-Star Raids following its debut on December 3 last year.

Pokemon Go Catching Some Z’s will begin on July 15, 2023, from 10:00 A.M. onwards and run till 8 P.M. Local Time on July 16, 2023.

It is being held to celebrate the release of Pokemon Sleep a sleep-tracking application available on the PlayStore and App Store. Side-by-side, the Pokemon Go Plus+ device will hit stores in the United States.

Players can obtain a special Pikachu wearing a nightcap by connecting their Pokemon Go app with Pokemon Sleep.

They can also unlock a Special Research to encounter Snorlax wearing a Nightcap by pairing their game with Pokemon Go Plus+. More information about the soon-to-released accessory can be found here.

Without further ado, let’s check what awaits trainers in the Special Pokemon Go Catching Some Z’s Event.

Pokemon Go Catching Some Z
Pokemon Go Catching Some Z’s Event

Wild Spawns During Pokemon Go Catching Some Z’s Event

Pokemon that have a sleepy nature or could make others drowsy with their abilities will appear more frequently in the wild. Munna and Komala will be rare encounters compared to the rest of them.

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Below is a complete list of accelerated wild spawns during the Pokemon Go Catching Some Z’s. Note that those marked with * could appear as Shiny.

  • Jigglypuff*
  • Abra*
  • Drowzee*
  • Snorlax*
  • Mareep*
  • Teddiursa*
  • Slakoth*
  • Munna*
  • Komala
  • Wooloo

Abra and Drowzee will appear in the 1-Star Raids. Those who want to capture a powerful Snorlax could take down the Tier 3 Raid Boss during the event.

When defeated, trainers will be able to capture a Level 20 Snorlax in the CP range of 1760 – 1843, considering there is no weather boost. Login to Pokemon Go anytime between 6 P.M. to 7 P.M. to capitalise on the Raid Hour.

Munna in Pokemon Go: Details, Catch Rate, and Flee Rate

A Psychic-type Pokemon, Munna debuted in Pokemon Go on Valentine’s Day in 2021. The Pokedex describes it as a creature that “eats the dreams of people and Pokémon. When it eats a pleasant dream, it expels pink-colored mist.”

Munna has a base catch rate of 35% and a base flee rate of 20% in Pokemon Go. The Generation 5 Pokemon requires 50 Candy and an Unova Stone to evolve into Musharna. Due to its low spawn rate inspite of events, it is recommended to use Pinap Berries to double the catch candy before a capture.

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Munna Stats and Movesets in Pokemon Go

Munna’s moveset comprises Zen Headbutt or Charge Beam as Quick Moves with Psybeam, Psychock, and Dazzling Gleam as Charged Moves. It has the following stats.

  • Max CP = 1145
  • Max HP (Level 40) = 156
  • Attack = 111
  • Defense = 92
  • Stamina =183

Since it is a Psychic-type, Munna is strong against Fighting and fellow Psychic types. It is weak against Bug, Ghost, and Dark moves.

Komala Pokemon Go Catching Some Z’s Debut: Details, Catch Rate, and Flee Rate

Komala is a normal-type Pokemon that is weak in Fighting moves and strong against Ghost types. It is forever sleeping, such that “it is born asleep, and it dies asleep. All its movements are no more than the results of it tossing and turning in its dreams”, as per the Pokedex.

With a base catch rate of 45% and a flee rate of 0, Komala is a guaranteed capture when encountered during the Pokemon Go Catching Some Z event. Trainers can increase the Mon’s spawn rate by camping near Partly Cloudy areas and using Lure Modules effectively.

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Komala Stats and Movesets in Pokemon Go

Make sure to use a Fast TM to swap Komala’s ‘Yawn’ Quick Move with Rollout. Besides that, it can learn Bulldoze, Play Rough, and Payback in Charged Moves. Komala in Pokemon Go has the following stats.

  • Max CP = 2919
  • Max HP (Level 50) = 150
  • Attack = 216
  • Defense = 165
  • Stamina = 163

The Gen 7 Pokemon’s most damage-dealing moveset is Rollout with Play Rough.

Shop Changes in Pokemon Go Catching Some Z’s Event

The following new Snorlax avatar items will be available in the in-game Shop during the Pokemon Go Catching Some Z’s. These won’t expire after the event ends.

  • Snorlax Night Cap (available for free)
  • Snorlax onesie (purchasable)

Catching Some Z’s event-exclusive stickers will also be available. They can be acquired by spinning PokeStops, opening Gifts, and from the in-game Shop.

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