All Ghost Type Pokemon Weakness | Guide

In the Pokemon world, there are hundreds of Pokemon with different abilities, stats, attributes and properties that define them.

There are a few types of Pokemon that are specific to them such as Electric-type, Water-type, Steel-type, Fighting-type and more. For example, Water-type Pokemon means the Pokemon that use water abilities and properties. There is a total of 18 types and each has strengths and weaknesses.

There is one of the popular Pokemon types called Ghost and players usually don’t understand what is ghost type pokemon and what are their weaknesses.

Here we featured information that helps you to know all Ghost Type Pokemon weaknesses and more useful information.

Ghost Type Weakness
Ghost Type Weakness

What are the Weakness of Ghost Type Pokemon?

The Ghost-Type Pokemon has against the Dark and Normal Type Pokemon. This means you can use Dark and Normal Type Pokemon against the Ghost Type Pokemon to deliver high-end damage.

More importantly, the Ghost Type is resistant to the Bug and Poison types Pokemon. So you should avoid the bug and poison types Pokemon moves if you encounter the Ghost-type Pokemon. In simple words, the Ghost Types is immune against Normal type and Fighting type Pokemon moves.

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So if you encounter any Ghost Type Pokemon in the game you should fight it with the Dark and Normal type Pokemon such as Houndoom or Regigigas and more.

This is sum up for the Ghost Type Pokemon Weakness guide for more helpful content do read our Pokemon Guides.

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