How to Catch a Shiny Squirtle in Pokemon Go

Shiny Squirtle is a rare variant of the popular Water-type Pokemon. It is colored differently from its usual version, with a light blue body and red eyes. Shiny Squirtle is a sought-after item among Pokemon Go players.

There are a few ways to get Shiny Squirtle in Pokemon Go. One way is to simply encounter as many Squirtle as possible. The more Squirtle you encounter, the better your chances of finding a Shiny one.

By playing the game in regions where Squirtle is usually found, like near water, you can boost your chances of seeing one. If you need more information about How to Catch a Shiny Squirtle in Pokemon Go: The Complete Guide, then read carefully, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Shiny Squirtle Pokemon Go Event
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How to Get Shiny Squirtle in Pokemon Go

The best way to get Shiny Squirtle is to participate in Squirtle Community Day. Community Days are one-time-only activities held once a month. During Community Days, a single Pokemon’s spawn rate is boosted.

Pokemon Go Shiny Squirtle
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And there is a greater possibility of encountering a Shiny variant of that Pokemon. Squirtle Community Day has occurred in the past and is expected to occur again in the future.

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Finally, you can also get Shiny Squirtle by hatching Squirtle Eggs. It is extremely unlikely that a Shiny Squirtle would hatch from an Egg, but it is conceivable. If you are patient and keep hatching Eggs, you may eventually hatch a Shiny Squirtle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the odds of finding a Shiny Squirtle?

The odds of finding a Shiny Squirtle are very low. It is estimated that the odds are about 1 in 450.

What are some tips for finding a Shiny Squirtle?

Here are some tips for finding a Shiny Squirtle:

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  • Play the game in areas where Squirtle is commonly found, such as near water.
  • Participate in Squirtle Community Day.
  • Hatch Squirtle Eggs.
  • Be patient and keep trying.
  • Use code with caution.

How can I increase my chances of finding a Shiny Squirtle?

You may also do a few more things to boost your chances of finding a Shiny Squirtle.

These include:

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  • Use Incense. Incense will attract Pokemon to your location, which will give you more opportunities to encounter Squirtle.
  • Use Lure Modules. Lure Modules will attract Pokemon to Pokestops, which will also give you more opportunities to encounter Squirtle.
  • Join a Pokemon Go community. There are many Pokemon Go communities online and in real life.
  • Joining a community can help you find people to play with, and it can also give you access to information about upcoming events and Shiny Pokemon. Use code with caution. Learn more
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Getting Shiny Squirtle in Pokemon Go can be a challenge, but it is definitely possible. You may add this uncommon Pokemon to your Pokedex with a little patience and effort. For more similar guides you can refer to our Pokemon Go guides section.

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