Pokemon Go: How To Catch Shiny Azelf

Azelf is a Psychic-type Legendary Pokemon that is region-exclusive to the Americas and Greenland. Catching this Pokemon will require some luck as the chances of catching it are 1 in 20 which means 5% odds. These are the standard odds for catching shiny legendary Pokemon.

You can catch this shiny version of Azelf in Raid battles during the two Pokemon Go Azelf Raid hours. As it is during these times that it will be appearing more often as a raid boss. It is a region-exclusive boss.

It is however limited to people in the Americas and Greenland so players in the other parts of the world are not so lucky.

Shiny Azelf in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Shiny Azelf
Image via Gameinstants

The appearance of Shiny Azelf in Pokemon Go is very different from its normal form. The normal form of Azelf is gray-blue with a teal head.

The shiny version, however, is bright yellow in colour with a blue head. You can also notice some slight similarities with both versions having yellow eyes with red diamonds on its tail and forehead.

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Other Shiny Legendary Pokemon- Lake Trio

There are three legendary Pokemon in the Lake trio, and apart from the shiny version of Azelf, you can also catch shiny versions of Mesprit and Uxie.

The odds however are as low as 5% similar to shiny Azelf but with persistence, you will be sure to catch one of these. Be sure to check out our other Pokemon Go guides for invaluable information.

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