Can Regidrago Be Shiny in Pokemon Go ?

The question by most Pokemon Go trainers is whether or not they can catch the shiny version of the legendary Pokemon Regidrago.

This Pokemon just made its debut in the mobile game and many players are already coveting its shiny variant. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about Regidrago including whether you can catch its shiny variant.

Regidrago made its debut in Pokemon Go in Elite Raids on March 11. He is related to the other Regis from past games which include: Regice, Regirock and Registeel. Regidrago was introduced alongside Regieleki in Sword and Shield.

shiny regidrago pokemon go
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Can You Catch Shiny Regidrago in Pokemon Go

As for now, you can not catch its shiny version in Pokemon Go. Note that this pocket monster just made its debut recently and the developers of Niantic have a habit of postponing the release of shiny versions of new Pokemon months after their debut.

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All hope is not considered lost though as Shiny Regidrago will eventually arrive in the near future. The time is not known yet but we have to just wait for the announcement.

What Does Shiny Regidrago Look Like?

Although not released yet, Shiny Regidrago is quite similar to the original version of it. The only visible difference between the two is that the Shiny one has grey-blue wings and feet instead of black. The body and eyes however have the exact same colour. At least you know what it will look like when it will be available.

How To Catch Regidrago in Pokemon Go

To catch Regidrago, you will need to defeat it in an Elite Raid. Regidrago will be available in Elite Raids for a limited time, so be sure to try to catch it while you can.

You can know what gyms will have a Regidrago raid 24 hours before the raid takes place. The gyms will have a Red Elite Raid Egg at it for 24 hours beforehand with a countdown alongside it to when the egg will hatch.

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Once the Egg hatches, players have only 30 minutes to battle Regidrago and defeat him for a chance to catch one. Regidrago is a powerful Pokémon, so you will need to bring a team of strong Pokémon to battle it.

If you are able to defeat Regidrago, you will have a chance to catch it.

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