New World Abandoning Event Stuck on Screen [Resolved]

If you’re experiencing an issue where you’re stuck in a Corrupted area, you may be wondering how to fix New World abandoning events stuck on the screen. There are many solutions to this problem. One solution is to exit and re-enter the Corrupted area.

While this fix isn’t entirely satisfactory, multiple players have verified it as a working solution, both on the official forums and the New World subreddit.

Steps to fix the new world abandoning event stuck onscreen are as follows.

Restarting the Video Game

Several factors can cause the Abandoning Event popup to appear in the New World.

One of these factors is the Corrupted Area. These Corrupted Areas contain time-limited quests that require players to complete specific objectives.

Players who do not complete these missions may encounter this popup. A player should restart the video game and find a new event in such a case. Restarting the video game may help to fix the Abandoning Event.

If you can’t log in after a while, you likely need to log out and exit the New World. If this method does not work for you, try logging back in. After logging back in, you should see the Abandoning Event popup removed.

However, if you haven’t yet finished the Corrupted Area, you should avoid entering events and stay in the Corrupted Area until the objectives are finished.

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Restarting the video game may also help you clear the queue. The ‘Refresh UI’ command doesn’t work when this happens, so it’s best to restart the game before it reaches this stage.

If you restart the game, you’ll remove the message and queues, but you’ll have to re-join the queue before entering the game. Another option to fix the abandoning event show screen is to go into a corrupted zone.

You can do this by stepping into one, killing enemies, and stepping out again. This method might cause new quests to appear lower on the show display screen, change the weapons UI, and add extra factors.

new world abandoning event stuck on screen

If this is not the solution to your problem, check the game’s latest updates.

Logging out

If you’ve recently tried to log out of The Elder Scrolls Online, you may have been confronted with a frustrating problem: the Abandoning Event popup has stuck on your screen.

When you attempt to leave an event, this annoying message should appear and disappear when the timer expires.

However, sometimes, this popup gets stuck on your screen for an indefinite amount of time. Here’s how to fix this problem: First, try not to abandon any events. This bug only appears when you’re playing a corrupted portal event.

After some days, you’ll notice the message growing larger. The resulting error may result in quests disappearing, compass UI not loading, and other problems.

In this case, restarting the game may help. A restart will remove the annoying message, but it will also clear out any queues you may have made. Another way to fix this issue is to visit corrupted zones.

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Access these zones by returning to the corrupted portal event. If you’re logged in, you can enter the corrupted area and kill any enemies that appear.

When you’re in a corrupted zone, you may find that new quests appear lower than usual, or the weapon UI moves over. Unfortunately, the developer has not responded to the issue.

Returning to the same area on the map where the popup initially appeared

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4-Restarting Twitch If you’ve played the New World, you’ve probably encountered the “Abandoning Event” problem showing up on your screen.

When you attempt to exit a game, you’ll see a window that reads “Abandoning Event” and will stay there until the time runs out. Often, this will cause other pinned missions to disappear. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this.

Finishing corrupted portal events

If you’re wondering how to fix the New World Abandoning event stuck on screen, you’ve come to the right place.

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First, make sure you’re inside the corrupted area. When you enter, you’ll see a corrupted portal. Step into it, kill the enemies and then step back out. After doing that, you should no longer see the popup. Secondly, you should know that you can fix this issue by exiting the Corrupted area and logging back in.

Maybe, this solution might not work for you. The best thing you can do to avoid this issue is not to abandon events. This way, you won’t get the abandoning event message. But if you’re still stuck on this problem, you should continue playing the game.

One of the main problems with the New World is that it has many events to do. Sometimes, players quit an event because it’s not worth it. But if you don’t want to quit, the window will appear every time you try to quit the game.

Sometimes, this window will become more prominent, making the other pinned quests vanish. So, how to fix the new world by abandoning events stuck on the screen?

This is the end of this short guide.

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