How To Catch Shiny Chespin in Pokemon Go?

Everyone is wondering where to find a champion pokemon, who can win battles and championships with you. There is one pokemon Shiny Chespin who can do that for you. Chespin is grass-type pokemon and one of the Kalos starters like Fennekin and Froakie.

Here in this article, you will find out where to find Shiny Chespin and how to catch Shiny Chespin in pokemon go.

How To Find Shiny Chespin in Pokemon Go?

You can grab the Shiny Chespin during the community day event that was started on 7th January 2023. further, the normal version of the chespin will appear more during this period. The timing of the event from 2 pm to 5 am capturing the chance of shiny chespin will be more.

More importantly, you can catch not only shiny chespin but you can also capture Shiny Quilladin and shiny chesnaught. During this period Chespin’s photobomb will be 5 times a day. If the odds are in your favour you can get chespin during that photobombing.

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If you want to complete your best champion pokemon, you should add chespin. The shiny pokemon are not easy to collect. You should need to be consistent and some luck will help you to capture shiny chespin.

When you feed 25 candies to chespin it will evolve into Quilladin and the final evolution will be when you feed 100 candies.

Shiny Chespin In Pokemon Go

Chespin is a grass-type pokemon with 0.4m in height and a weight is around 9kgs. Chespin belongs to pockets Monster’s family. He has an attack power of 110, a defence ability of 106, and stamina of 148.

The second charge attack during confrontation you can do in 10000 stardusts and 25 candies. The capture rate of chespin is 20%. Chespin is 87.5 % male and 12.7% female.

The weak of chespin are fire-related adversaries; the other enemies can not affect his performance. Chespin has 62.5% defence ability when facing electric grass groundwater categories pokemon.

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You can capture shiny chespin pokemon during the community event day. The other details regarding the male-female ratio are 87.5% and 12.5% respectively. You can evolve pokemon with 25 candies to Quilladin and with 100 candies.

He will do 5 times photobombing during this event. If you are consistent enough you may capture shiny chespin during photobombing.

This is end of this guide for more similar content such as how to catch Shiny Scizor or shiny mega charizard and more do refer to our Pokemon Go guide section.