How To Get and Upgrade Song of Mana In Vampire Survivors

The Vampire Survivors is a combat game with a lot of different weapons with powerful builds. These weapons could be used in order to defeat, attack, or tackle as per the type of weapon you use. The Song of Mana is known to be one of the most powerful weapons in the Vampire Survivors.

The song of mana is basically a weapon that when used fires a wave that is filled with glitters and also travels a perpendicular column that is held across the screen.

The song of mana can give fatal damage to the enemies. The song of mana uses the projectile motion to get through the enemy and make their paces slow. Thus, the song of the mana weapon goes above as well as below the enemies making them weak.

Due to the Hitbox delay the weapon is not able to hit the enemy twice but we know that the particles which the song of mana releases is so huge that the enemies are bound to stick at multiple stages and times in the vampire survivors.

How to get the Song of Mana in Vampire Survivors

In order to unlock the Song of Mana firstly you need to unlock the Poppea Pecorina character in Vampire Survivors. To unlock the Poppea Pecorina you need to find or purchase its coffin in the Dairy Plant.

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Once you unlocked the Poppea Pecorina you need to play as Poppea for at least 15 to 20 minutes to unlock the Song of Mana. It’s a default weapon that Poppea Pecorina used in the Vampire Survivors and it has a total of 8 levels at maximum. In terms of stat, the Song of Mana delivers +30 damage, +175 percent area, +1.5 seconds time, and a cooldown time is +2 seconds.

Where To Find Poppea Pecorina in Vampire Survivors?

 Poppea Pecorina

To find Poppea Pecorina you need to explore the Milk Way Map Relic. Mainly most of the players find this character’s coffin at the bottom of the Dairy Plant. So if you are able to locate the Milk Way Map Relic then you can easily able to locate the coffin of Poppea.

 Poppea Pecorina coffin location

The coffin is surrounded by lots of mobs make sure before heading to the location of the coffin pick up some powerful weapons such as Pentagram. Once you take down all the mobs open the coffin and unlock the Poppea Pecorina.

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How To Evolve the Song of Mana in Vampire Survivors

The song of mana is an excellent weapon when used for a mob as it slows down the pace of the enemies and bound them to give fatal damages. These weapons can be trusted in tricky situations. The basic version has many properties yet it could be evolved.

Skull O’Maniac Relic

The song of mana can evolve to Mannajja and in order to evolve the Song of Mana to Mannajja you need to obtain the Skull O’Maniac Relic.

To get the Skull O’Maniac Relic you need to play with the Lama Ladonna for at least 30 minutes. The Lama Ladonna can be unlocked when you are able to survive at least 20 minutes with any character with a 10% Curse active in Vampire Survivors.

The weapon becomes much faster and swifter. The damage also get increases if it is used with perfect accuracy toward the enemies to win the battle as quickly as possible.

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These weapons are very helpful for slow-moving characters like Peppino. But, in order to evolve the song of mana the players need to get through different hoops so that they get the weapon when it is made available in the roster for the rest of the server as well.

Wrapping Up

So here is the summary of this guide, first, unlock the Poppea Pecorina by finding its coffin and then play as Poppea for a minimum of 15 minutes to unlock the Song of Mana. After that to evolve the Song of Mana to Mannajja you need to get the Skull O’Maniac Relic by playing with Lama Ladonna for 30 minutes.

This is sum up this short guide for more similar content such as how to unlock a mirage robe or how to see the final firework and more do refer to our Vampire Survivors guide section.