How to Farm Neural Sensors Warframe

Neural Sensor Warframe are rare resources. The Warframe Neural Sensor can be used in crafting Warframe, weapons, and as components. You can have a Neural Sensor by exploring various locations and missions of the Warframe Universe.

Although, you can purchase Neural Sensor with Platinum Warframe Currency. You can also purchase the Neural Sensor blueprint with some platinum and after that with some resources, you can craft it. 

If you want to know all about the Neural Sensor Warframe, follow this guide. 

Warframe Neural Sensors Farming Guide

You can get the Warframe at a particular location and also when you assassinate some enemies you will get a Neural Sensor from the drops. As of now, you can have a bulk amount of the Neural Sensor from the Alad V and Raptors. 

Kuva Fortress

Farm Neural Sensors Warframe in Kuva Fortress
neural sensors warframe

You can also collect Neural Sensors in the Kuva Fortress, inside the Taveuni area, also there you may find the Survival Mission. If you follow the Kuva Fortress multiple times you can have a large amount of Neural Sensors in a short span. 

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Dark Sector Survival mission, Cameria

Farm Cameria Warframe Neural Sensors
neural sensors warframe

Besides Kuva Fortress, you can also find Neural Sensor in the Dark Sector survival mission in Cameria on Jupiter. There is no better place than Jupiter to farm the Neural Sensor in Warframe.

There is a 20% increased drop rate in the Dark Sector bonus, so you may grab a few pairs of Neural Sensors. As the drop rate is quite high you should wait for the enemies at the doorway and let them in to grab the Neural Sensor.

Alad V Mission

Further, in Jupiter, there is one more mission you should attempt to farm the Neural Sensor. On Jupiter, there is the Alad V mission in Themisto. You can attempt the Alad V mission multiple times, you just have to, you have to destroy a few lockers, and pick up the loot container on this mission to get the Neural Sensor also assassin Alad V. 

Although, Elara and Sinai, Jupiter are the best places to grab the Neural Sensors. 

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Neural Sensor Warframe

To create the components of the Warframe system, weapons, and many more things you may require a Neural Sensor.

Neural Sensors are a rare crafting component of Warframe. The Neural Sensor has a vital use in Warframe but they are rare to find. Also, you won’t be able to trade with credit points.

From the market you can purchase Warframe Neural Sensor, one Neural Sensor will cost you ten platinum Warframe Currency. You can also have the blueprints of the Warframe Neural Sensor but you need to spend 100 platinum for that. 

After getting the Neural Sensor Blueprint you will need some crafting components such as 

  • 15000 credits
  • 50000 Alloy Plates
  • 50000 Nano Spores
  • 25000 Salvage

It will take around two hours to craft the Neural Sensor, the components are for a single Neural Sensor. You can skip the crafting process by spending 2 platinum. 


You can directly purchase Neural Sensor from the market, you can have one Neural Sensor by spending 10 Platinum. However, while selling you won’t receive any credits. From the market, you can purchase Neural Sensor Blueprint with 100 platinum.

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You can also farm Neural Sensors in places like Kuva Fortress, Elara, Sinai, and in Cameria. There are a few survival missions and also enemies like Alad V which can give you a Neural Sensor.  

This is all the How to Farm Neural Sensors Warframe guide for more similar content do check our Warframe guides section.

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