Pokemon Go: All Quagsire Weakness And Resistances

Quagsire Weakness and Resistances: Firstly introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver, Quagsire is a dual water and ground-type Pokemon.

This light blue amphibious Pokemon comes with a broad and round head with a little head to distinguish it from the rest of its body. Quagsire hand and feet have three digits, and the outer layer of its skin is slippery and slimy. 

This legendary Pokemon ability allows it to ignore any stats changes of opposing Pokemon.

Even if the enemies buff up their attack, it is useless for Quagsire. Here is everything you need to know about Quagsire’s resistances and weaknesses in Pokemon Go. 

Behavior of Quagsire

Often considered unintelligent Pokemon, Quagsire bumps its head into swimming, and either does not notice or care. This Pokemon Hunts for food by simply leaving its wide mouth open while swimming and wants unsuspected food to fall right in. 

Quagsire Resistances
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Quagsire Weaknesses in Pokemon Go

Figuring out the weakness of Quagsire can be quite difficult, especially as it only has one weakness.

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Being dual water and ground-type Pokemon, Quagsire is weak to Grass-type attacks. In fact, this Pokemon has a double weakness (4x damage) to Grass-type attacks which makes it vulnerable to them. 

Quagsire Resistances in Pokemon Go

Quagsire can easily resist Poison, Steel, Rock, as well as Fire-type attacks. It is also immune to Electric-type moves in mainline games, and since this Pokemon does not work with immunities, Electric moves are mostly resisted by it in mobile games. Some of the following attacks that Quagsire is resistant to include poison, rock, steel, and fire attacks. 

How To Catch Quagsire In Pokemon Go? 

This Pokemon can be found near most wet locations like lakes, canals, oceans, reservoirs as well as water parks, and most golf courses.

Its unevolved form Wooper is found in similar locations like beaches, riverbanks, and parks. Wooper is evolved to Quagsire at 50 candies, and there are no other revolutions. 

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This is all for Quagsire Weakness for more similar content do check our Pokemon Go guides.

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