All Progenitor Warframes And Their Elements in Warframe

In Warframe there are over 50+ war frames and each of them has different skills, strengths, and abilities.

If you are thinking that,/you should spawn a Kuwa Licha or Corpus Sister, it won’t be deons upon the Warframe’s Skills, ability, and Strength.

If you want to spawn it will completely rely on the Warframe Progenitor. Progenitor will. grant you access to choose a specific element for specific Warframes.

Progenitor Warframe: Kuwa Licha and Corpus Sister

Kuwa Licha and Cropus Sister are not easy to get you may have to face lots of difficulty and challenges.

You need to take control from the Lich or Sister from the solar system to do that you need to find their weakness and as per weakness use the combination of mods to take control.

There is one cache when you try to attempt to take down the Lich or Sisters and you won’t succeed in it. They will grow much stronger than the first every time. So, make sure you try your best in the first attempt.

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As you kill the Lich or Sisters, Tenno will receive a specific weapon for their troubles that will be different from the other weapons like Kuva Chakkhurr, Kuva Zarr or Tenet, and Arca Plasmor.

If you want to spawn Lich and Sister, first you need to complete the Target in Specific Mission. While doing so a weapon may appear as a pop-up on the head of enemies before you attempt mercy on enemies.

Although, their Elements won’t appear before they Spawn. Now, it completely lies on the Progenitor Warframe to decide which bonus you want on your weapon.

Also, the Kuva and Tenet weapons deal different damage and it depends upon the Progenitor Warframe. And that indicates that Warframe use to spawn Lich.

As an example, if you use the Lich along with Frost, it will lead to a weapon with cold damage. Nonetheless, the prime version of the base weapon has the same elements as its base counterpart.

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The Progenitor will grant you to choose the element you desire for weapons by equipping specific Warframes. The Progenitor comes in the role when you spawn the Lich or Sister with Ephemera, the Progenitor will buoynt you to which Ephemera you will get.

Progenitor Warfarame List

AtlasFrostBansheeChroma Baruuk Harrow Ash 
IvaraGaraCalibanEmber Gauss Hydroid Equinox
KhoraHildrynExcaliburInaros Grendel Lavos Garuda 
NekrosRevenantGyre Nazha Sevagoth Mag Loki 
NidusStyanaxLimbo Protea Wukong MesaMirage 
OberonTitaniaNova Vauban Zephyr Xaku Nyx 
SarynTrinityValkyr Wisp Rhino Yareli Octavia 


Here in the table we have listed the element and you need to take control over the Warframe Kuwa Lich, Kuwa Lich will send enemies to attack your resources which is quite frustrating.

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