How To Get Free Platinum in Warframe

Platinum is an in-game currency of Warframe. The platinum can be used to purchase many things such as Neurodes, Blueprints, new Warframes, Skins, weapons, and much more.

The obvious way to get the Platinum in Warframe is by purchasing it from the game store. Where you can exchange actual money for some Warframe Platinum Currency. But it’s not economical for all the users to get the Platinum by purchasing. 

In Warframe, there are many ways to get the Platinum currency, but you will need help finding them. But while finding it, you can complete many tasks though. 

Here we have listed, how to get Platinum in Warframe. Go through the guide to find out all about the Warframe Platinum Currency. 

How To Get Platinum in Warframe?

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There are many ways to get the Platinum but the best and most consistent way to get the Platinum Warframe is through farming.

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You have to farm the different products and sell the products to receive the platinum. It’s not the quickest way to get the Platinum. 

You can have more than 200 platinum by Prime Warframe where you need to sell Prime Products like Blueprints, and Weapons parts via chat trade or marketplace. 

The other way you can try is to participate in Warfram Contests. You will receive platinum at the end of it as a reward. The amount won’t be much but it will be a hell of a ride to join a contest and battle with community players. 

You can also sell the items like Ayatan sculptures. It can help to level up mods. So it’s in high demand, you can sell it for 2 to 5 platinum sometimes even more as per the demand.

You can have Ayatan Sculpture by completing the talking stage with Maroo from Mars and you have to accept the mission by Maroo. As you complete the Maroo’s Mission you will have the Ayatan Sculpture which you can trade for Platinum.

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The most common way to make Platinum in Warframe is by selling Prime Parts. You don’t have to acquire and then sell it just depends upon lunch where you have to open multiple relics. As you receive items from them you can quickly sell them. 

The other best way to get the free Platinum in Walrframe is by selling Arcanes. You can get the platinum by Arcane Grace, Arcane Energize can get it from Eidolons on Earth, or by completing Orphix Veil Railjack Mission. 


Platinum is Warframe currency, it’s hard to survive without it. Platinum can help you to purchase and upgrade new things such as Blueprint, weapons, skins, and much more. The easiest way to get it is by farming and selling.

You can frame exclusive items and sell in in the market. Another thing is you can trade for weapon components. You can trade you to get the platinum. You can also participate in different competitions to get the platinum as a reward. As you complete the different missions as a reward you may receive the Platinum. 

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This is all for how to get the free Platinum in Warframe. For more helpful information do check our Warframe guides.

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