How To Get Honey in Dawnlands?

Honey is one of the most important resources in Dawnlands. Found infinitely in the wild on certain trees, it can be used for making food recipes and crafting unique gear. The process of extracting honey in Dawnlands is different and relatively easier than getting Beeswax in Minecraft.

Players get acquainted with the collection of honey when they reach the second village situated deep in the woods. After completing the Dungeon challenge, they can talk to an NPC woman to get the mission. She is located in the same structure where the mercenary is located, i.e., in the different house than that of Wyatt The Merchant.

Talking to the woman will reveal a side mission when they click the ‘Can I do something for you?’ option. She will then tell you about her struggle to get honey and give you the mission of obtaining a Queen Bee in Dawnlands to set up your own honeycomb.

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Steps To Get Honey in Dawnlands

If you find an object emitting a glowing orangish-yellow light on top of a tree, you have found yourself a honeycomb. Players usually get confused when their arrows are deflected off the comb and they cannot collect the resource. This is why it is important to know the correct, easier method to get honey in Dawnlands.

  • Locate a honeycomb. They can be found hanging from the top of a tree.
  • Use an Axe to cut down the tree.
  • Use the same Axe to cut and destroy the honeycomb which has fallen off the tree.
  • Collect the Queen Bee.
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Although a side mission, crafting honey is vital to the gameplay. Players can make honeycomb to farm the resource, thereby unlocking opportunities to significantly boost their gear power or take items like PawPaw Wine in their adventures.

How to make a honeycomb in Dawnlands?

After obtaining the Queen Bee, players will be prompted to unlock the Beehive structure with the help of a Recipe Page. It can be found under the Crafting section in the recipe pages menu. The requirement for crafting a honeycomb in Dawnlands is Level 14.

Building a honeycomb will require 8 pieces of Wood. Make it closer to your base, protected by nature or NPCs, so that it remains unharmed by wild creatures all over the area. Honey is generated over time once a Queen Bee is placed inside the honeycomb.

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