Halo Infinite Propaganda Towers – All Locations

This Halo infinite propaganda towers location guide will show you how to take out all of the Propaganda Towers in the game. Propaganda Towers are located near Gun Batteries and pillars. When you kill a Propaganda Tower, two brutes will be spawned inside it.

The east Gun Battery is located to the northeast of the east cannon. It has a sniper post, a cave entrance, and a Propaganda Tower. You can find the west Gun Battery on the yellow road, and you can take a shortcut by completing it.

All Propaganda Tower locations in Halo Infinite

These are the locations of all Propaganda Towers in the Halo Infinite video game.

Halo Infinite Propaganda Towers

Recovery Island Propaganda Towers In Halo Infinite

Tower 1 – To the right of the Forward Operating Base (FOB) on the Western part of the island, across the small gap.

Tower 2 – Directly East of the previous tower, at the foot of the large hills.

Tower 3 – Continue East along the path and find another propaganda towner.

Tower 4 – Head South from the prior and into the mountainous area. There’s a tower across the crevasses.

Tower 5 – Head West from here as if to complete a circle back to the first, and find the last tower on this island amongst the mountains.

Excavation Island Propaganda Towers In Halo Infinite

Tower 6 – From FOB Echo, head North and it’s atop a hill.

Tower 7 – In the Southwest corner on the edge of the island, there are spires, this tower is found here amongst them.

Tower 8 – Find another collectible on the hills directly North of the previous tower, and South of the squad post.

Tower 9 – Slightly Northeast from the previous, atop a hill that is the left side of a valley, there’s another.

Tower 10 – Directly East from the previous and past the large platform, there is a tower here.

Tower 11 – This tower is directly West of the excavation site, over a hill.

Tower 12 – This tower is Northwest of the excavation site, and Southeast of the FOB, at the very top of the hill, at its edge.

Tower 13 – At the top and center of a hill between the two FOBs. 

Tower 14 – At the edge of the Eastside of the map, East of the squad. 

Tower 15 – At the bottom of the hill of FOB Bravo, on the Westside. 

Tower 16 – Head directly South and slightly East around the hill from the previous and find this tower.

Tower 17 – Directly East from the previous tower and atop the cliff. 

Tower 18 – From where FOB Delta is located, head directly south, below the cliff. 

Tower 19 – Atop the largest hill directly between the previous FOB and the Redoubt. It’s to the far West of the FOB. 

Tower 20 – Back up North, past the Armory of Reckoning outpost, in the open. 

Tower 21 – North of the body of water far North on the map. 

Tower 22 – Directly West of the previous tower, just before the ramp that leads up the hill. 

Tower 23 – Further West of the previous, atop the large hill, there’s will be another content location.

Pelican Island Propaganda Towers In Halo Infinite

Tower 24 – Directly South of the downed Pelican. 

Tower 25 – Further South from the previous tower. At the edge of the Graveyard island. 

Tower 26 – Over and down the hills from the previous. South and far to the East. 

Tower 27 – Far and directly West from the previous (and past Tower 25), through a valley and atop a hill.

Sequence Island Propaganda Towers In Halo Infinite

Tower 28 – Far West of the Reformation area, directly North of a target. 

Tower 29 – On the South Western edge of the hexagonal structures, below an outpost. 

Tower 30 – Across the structures to the West of the previous, and slightly north, there’s a propaganda tower. 

Tower 31 – Directly West of the previous, atop a hill. 

Tower 32 – Backtracking now, directly East of tower 29, there’s a propaganda tower at the foot of the large hill. 

Tower 33 – On the far eastern end of this island, on the Southern mountain. There’s a tower on the hexagonal structures. 

Tower 34 – Across the space and directly South of tower 26, there’s a tower in a small mountain canyon, West of a target. 

Tower 35 – Back to the Eastern part of this island, above the lake, there’s a tower at the foot of the Northeastern most hill. 

Tower 36 – In the center of the island, East of a squad post. 

Tower 37 – There’s a tower near the bridge that leads to the graveyard island, on the Northern part of the structures. 

Tower 38 – Back near the wall, on the top of the large mountain (Riven Gate). 

Tower 39 – South of the large lake, Southeast, there’s a propaganda tower. 

Tower 40 – Back to the Westernmost side of the island, just north of the bridge that leads to the Lockdown island.

How to destroy Halo infinite propaganda tower?

The first step to destroying a Halo Infinite Propaganda Tower is to disable its energy source. You can do this by either using a vehicle bombardment or melee attacks. If you have melee weapons, melee striking a Propaganda Tower will damage you when it explodes.

Several rounds from a Battle Rifle will suffice if you don’t have melee weapons. Propaganda Towers are structures used by Grunts to communicate mean messages to the Spartans. Destroying one will award you with 10 points of Valor.

You won’t be able to find these towers on the map until you get close to one. If you’re lucky, you will hear two brutes in the falling pods. You’ll have to be quick, though, as you may only get one shot before they destroy themselves. The Propaganda Towers are an annoyance in Halo Infinite.

They spread lies against the Master Chief and the UNSC. While they are a nuisance, they are also a great source of Valor. We’ve listed below where you can find them and tips to destroy them. Make sure to bookmark the map to help you out! You can use our Halo Infinite map to find them.

Where are the Propaganda Towers located in Halo?

The Propaganda Tower can be found in the mountains on the southwest corner of the first island. To reach it, you will have to climb a few pillars that are different heights. The pillars are positioned near a road and Starlight Squad. If you need to get to the next one, the squads can accompany you. They will guide you on how to reach it.

Propaganda Towers are large structures with a yellow glow in the middle. They spew Banished propaganda. This propaganda is filled with dialogue about lore, worldbuilding, and humorous references. Once you find them, you can blast them to destroy the Banished. If you’re looking for a Halo infinite guide, you can find many of them at Retrology.

The first Propaganda Tower is southeast of Starlight Squad, across a crevasse. The second Propaganda Tower is east of the FOB Hotel on the southern island. The third Propaganda Tower is near the northern mountain.

The fourth Propaganda Tower is south of the FoB Hotel and east of the High-Value Target Ordo Mal. The last Propaganda Tower is located below the mountainside, near stone pillars.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Halo Infinite Propaganda Towers with complete information.

What do you do with propaganda towers Halo Infinite?

Destroying these obnoxious yet occasionally amusing Propaganda Towers will reward you with 10 Valor Points and obtain the “Please Shut Up” Achievement. You’ll unlock the “Off the Air” Achievement if you destroy all 40 of them. The locations of all Banished Propaganda Towers in Halo Infinite are shown here.

Where to find Propaganda Towers Halo Infinite?

The Connections Zone, which is located in the northwest region of the Zeta Halo Ring, is home to the majority of the Propaganda Towers.

What happens when you destroy all the Propaganda Towers in Halo Infinite?

You will receive 10 Valor for each Propaganda Tower you destroy, for a total of 400 Valor to be found. At FOBs, Valor grants access to weapons, vehicles, and Marine reinforcements. You’ll also get the Off the Air achievement if you destroy all 40 Propaganda Towers.

Can you destroy large propaganda towers Halo Infinite?

When destroyed, the Propaganda Towers still serve a minor purpose of granting 10 Valor. The grunt propaganda towers are seen in the background. As far as I’m aware, the Brute propaganda towers (the larger, bulkier towers you come across) cannot be demolished.

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