Boost FPS In Halo Infinite by Disabling High-Res Textures

We can say with pride that more or less 2.7M people or users have jumped in about less than 1 day on steam in the HALO INFINITE MULTIPLAYER.

There are also some players, who are struggling for maintaining the high frame in halo infinite multiplayer instead of its required functions.

If you want to play more smoothly in Halo infinity multiplayer then there is a Reddit thread by which users can highlight uninstalling Halo infinity multiplayer’s high restructure pack to boost the speed and as well as smoothness. The frame rate allegedly is increased to a whopping around 72 – 100 from around 23 fps.

We are sorry to say that we are not able to replicate the significance of increment by testing several users’ feedback or reports to fix all frame rates.

Just want to share one thing one of our users has reported that he has the Nvidia GTX 1070, which has reported at 20-30 fps at a high increasing rate.

While another user has reported that, he has found the same case. The user with the AMD RX 590 was able to claim the disabling of the texture pack, which was made by the game as payable.

Some users have reported that they want to knowledge will be able to disable the Halo Infinity multiplayer’s high res texture on the steam.

halo infinite high res textures

So here, we have shown below. If you also have, the same problem then follows the stated steps:

Disable High Res Texture on Stream in Halo Infinity

The steps following which you will be able to disable the high res texture on steam in Halo infinity multiplayer:

  • Give a right-click on the Halo infinity multiplayer’ game list which you have
  • Then select the properties which are shown
  • Then in the DLC tab put a navigation
  • After waiting, a moment there will arise a checkbox. Just click on the checkbox which is at the next of the Halo Infinity multiplayer’s high res texture DLC
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Then you will be able to disable the high res texture in the Halo infinity multiplayer game.

Xbox Game Pass

There is another process to ‘disable Halo infinity multiplayer’s high res texture on or through Xbox game pass’:

  • Do nothing just give a left click on the top button of Halo infinity multiplayer game’s Xbox app
  • Then there will appear an option having the field name of MANAGE GAMNE
  • Then there will appear again a checkbox that will be next to the high res texture feature of the Halo infinity multiplayer game
  • Just give a tap or a click on the checkbox.

Then you will be able to disable the high res texture in the Halo infinity multiplayer game.

Microsoft Store

Another process or technique to ‘disable the Halo Infinity multiplayer’s high res texture on the MS Store’:

  • At first, go to the MS Store or you can say in full the Microsoft store
  • There you can easily find three dotes on the top
  • Just click on that three dots
  • After clicking you will find that an option will come named MANAGE
  • Click on the manage option or may go to the manage option
  • Then locate the ‘High res texture DLC’
  • After locating the option having the field name ‘high res texture DLC’, just remove that option.
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Then you will be able to disable the high res texture in the Halo infinity multiplayer game.

As we have so many users or players having different types or kinds of mindsets or thought or point of view, they might think of different kind of techniques.

However, with respect to this, all we can say is that if not all of the above-stated steps or techniques or processes are working or you didn’t get the best action or experience that you want or you didn’t get your satisfaction then you may uninstall the Hail infinity multiplayer high res texture DLC.

Nut remembers and always keeps in your mind that Halo in Steam is able to install the high res texture DLC automatically by itself, you cannot do anything in this respect.

Now your choice is to uninstall Halo infinity multiplayer high res texture DLC to disable this or not to uninstall the Halo infinity multiplayer high res texture DLC, because it will install automatically. You may have that wish or not.

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That is all bits of knowledge or thoughts or skills the best that we have are disclosed here or shown to you. Now we have a request to you o show your love and affection through feedback. That will help us to improve and gain more skills and knowledge.

We will be able to solve more and more problems, quarries, questions, or issues that you have. Moreover, you suggest us for our betterment purpose by giving feedback.

This is the end of this short guide for more similar content do check our Halo guide panel.

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