How to Craft the Conan Exiles Oil? Full Guide

This article is based on how to get the Conan Exiles Oil with complete information. There are several uses for oil in Canon Exile, including as fire fuel. Oil lamps provide a steady light that advances civilization and helps people stay safe at night when predators are around.

The development of your civilization and character depends on oil. This essential fluid is essential to the success of your base, especially at night. It represents an important turning point in the creation of the toolkits you will need to repair your weapons.

Therefore, you should definitely be able to create oil so that you may start creating this fantastic material right now.

Conan Exiles Oil can be applied to equipment and utilized as fuel, cooking oil, and cosmetics. Even though you wouldn’t need it at all if you wanted to, you won’t need it in the beginning, but once you can start processing oil, your business will run so much more smoothly.

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Conan Exiles Oil
How To Craft Conan Exiles Oil

How to Get Oil in Conan Exiles?

You can fish in nearby waterways and ponds and then add them to a fluid press to produce oil. You’ll get the ingredients from a wide variety of seeds, orange algae cuttings, salted fish, unusual fish, and nauseous fish.

Cooking is better than throwing bad fish or shellfish into the press because it’s faster than pressing (especially if you have a cook), gives you some cheap food you can throw into your driven wheel, and Most importantly, it gives you five uses of the oil this way.

Since you only need one exotic fish or five savory fish to make one oil, fish is the easiest crop to produce.

After that, a wide range of Weapon Repair Kits, Damage Improving Kits, and Oils can be made for your weapons. Oil is created via a Tier 3 Fluid Press, which also requires 50 Shaped Wood, 10 Twine, and 10 Iron Bars.

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Once you have Tier 3 Recipes, you can make a wide variety of things. The Tinker’s Bench is by far the most widely used application of the material.

The liquid is used by the bench to produce an absurd number of damage and repair kits for armor and weapons. You can get fish oil by catching common and uncommon fish. You need to rescue fish to get fish oil, but the chances of getting it are probably slim.

How to Get Conan Exiles Oil
Conan Exiles Oil

You may also feel free to go to the desert area on the left side of the map, where there is a dry spring, this is the most beautiful place to find sulphur in Conan Exiles. Crafting (means that 1k Bark and 1k Ichor, which are easy to obtain) can earn you 5k Oil in no time, which is a LOT.

It’s best to have your choice at hand because Ichor is best obtained by hitting Spiders/Scorpions/Sand Reapers with it. You can also get the skin by killing a few animals in Conan Exiles and keep it for later.

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It will take about 20 minutes to produce 14 ounces of oil, so flex your buttocks. This won’t be tough to obtain after you have a good fish farm. Find a nice location for exotic catches, then start farming there!

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