Which starter to choose: Quaxly, Sprigatito, or Fuecoco: Pokemon Go A Paldean Adventure

Pokemon Go ‘A Paldean Adventure’ Research gives trainers the option to pick one of the three starters from Generation 9. While the first two steps in the research are simple, the third step is rather hectic and time-consuming. One of the tasks is to evolve Fuecoco, Sprigatito, or Quaxly after you have chosen your Paldean starter Pokemon.

While each Paldean Pokemon can be acquired in the wild, there are still many queries on social media as to which route to choose. Decisions are based on either their ‘cuteness’, their relevance in the battle party and meta, or in the case of Quaquaval its ‘dancing ability’ that other Pokemon do not possess.

Fuecoco is the best starter to obtain in Pokemon Go ‘A Paldean Adventure.’ Its evolutionary form, Skeledirge, outmatches the other two water-type and grass-type competitors with its stats, typing as well as moveset.

Why is Fuecoco the best starter for Pokemon Go ‘A Paldean Adventure’?

Fuecoco evolves into Crocalor when fed 25 Candy and then Skeledirge when fed 100 Candy. Its typing changes from Fire to dual Fire/Shadow, making it a counterpart of Alolan Marowak. Skeledirge also possesses Fairy-type and Dark-type Charged Moves that make it a hard counter for Dragon-type, Fighting-type, and Psychic-type Pokemon.

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Other fire types like Charizard and Arcanine didn’t possess much variability. Skeledirge not only has good coverage but can also have decent bulk. Fuecoco’s final evolution has a max Defense of 178 and an HP of 232 at 15/15/15 IV, setting it apart from Meowscarada and Quaquaval.

Meowscarada – Sprigatito’s final evolution is the worst choice

Speaking of other Pokemon, Meowscarada doesn’t have a good Fast Move that gives it a niche over other Grass types. Charm has low EPS while Leafage is a downgrade of Razor Leaf. It requires heavy Shield investment due to its fragile bulk. Moreover, its Dark-type Charged Move is rarely effective against the likes of Medicham due to the latter’s ability to spam Ice Punch more quickly.

By the time Meowscarada charges its Fairy-type Play Rough, it might be at one HP. It could still be used in battle parties to counter water-type Pokemon like Lanturn and Croconaw or Raids because of its impressive 233 ATK stat.

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Quaquaval – Quaxly’s final evolution could be better

The absence of Hydro Cannon Charged Move really hurts Quaquaval’s prestige. Fortunately, it has access to Liquidation and one of the best EPS Fast Moves, Wing Attack. It can hard counter Greninja and Rock-type Pokemon like Tyranitar with its Fighting-type arsenal.

Unfortunately, Quaquaval isn’t better than Poliwrath. This could eventually change given the fact that Quaquaval is finding play in Great Leagues. The eventual release of Hydro Cannon or its signature move, Aqua Step, will set itself apart from Poliwrath.