Master Duel Rankings System? Explained

Yugioh Master Duels’ ranking system is not as complicated as you think. Players can earn Ranks and Season Cups based on their performance in duels.

The more duels they win, the higher their rank. There are also rewards for winning Rank matches. If you win at least a single duel, you will receive a bonus ticket that you can use to buy more cards.

In the long run, the game rewards players for their effort. In this article, we’ll explain the master duel ranking system and how it works. So, let’s get started.

Yu-Gi-Oh! : Overview YuGiOh!

Master Duel is a hit game, and many players have already tried to climb the ladder. I’ve been trying to climb the ladder myself, and the rewards are pretty lackluster.

I’ve been climbing the ladder for weeks, and I’ve only reached the second Tier. While it’s nice to get higher rankings, it’s disappointing that Konami didn’t add new content after Jan. 31.

Suppose you’re a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, you might be wondering how the ranks work. You’re probably curious about the rewards and how you get them, too. You can earn gems for every rank in the game, from rookie to platinum.

But what if you lose a duel and end up at the Rookie rank? Then you’ll lose the rewards you earned by getting to the top rank, and you’ll have to start all over again!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Ranking System

Ranks in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Master Duel has a complex ranking system. Rankings are based on players’ performance and can change over time.

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For example, a player who finishes at level 20 may be demoted to rank zero if they lose a Duel to a player at rank four. Konami’s response to player feedback was to fix the system in a future update.

Below are a few things to know about the ranking system. Ranked Duels are timed windows where players can earn Ranks and unlock rewards.

Players must be in the top 100 at the end of the day to earn a Legend rank. After the season ends, if they fall below the top 100, they will be reverted to the Duel Masters rank.

However, the player will still earn rewards at the end of the cup. The game mode Rank Match matches players with other players from around the world in a ranked duel mode.

The higher your rank, the more rewards you’ll receive, such as DMPoints, pack tickets, and cup accessories. Duel Masters Play has two divisions, and each division requires you to win at least five times in one. There are seven ranks in total.

As mentioned, a higher rank means better rewards. However, it’s best to win consecutive matches to get the highest ranking.

However, a loss can cause a demotion in rank. There are five ranks available in the ranking system of Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. An animal symbol represents every single rank in the master duel Ranking System.

  • Rookie: Rabbit
  • Bronze: Wasp
  • Silver: Deer
  • Gold: Hawk
  • Platinum: Wolf
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How Does Ranking System Work In Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel?

Suppose you’re a beginner in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, this system can be a little confusing. The game’s first Tier awards many Gems to the highest Tier. For example, Rookie 1 will give you 300 Gems.

However, once you reach Tier 5, you’ll earn 200 Gems. Each level after that earns you more in-game gems, which you can use to buy more cards and decks. The game has promised improved Ranked rewards for the next season, so we’ll continue monitoring and updating the game. Players earn gems as they advance in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.

While this system isn’t perfect, players are rewarded for each rank they reach. A player who reaches the Rookie rank earns 300 gems and a new mate, which resembles the animal represented in their tier icon. While this sounds like a good idea, players should note that the rankings system can cause frustration in some players.

For this reason, Konami has implemented the “replay notification” feature in the game. Rank is determined by how many times a player has won a duel. Higher rankings provide more gems and rewards. You can earn gems by playing in ranked or participating in PvP events.

To receive rewards for duelling, you can also participate in the season cups. Each month, the game holds a season cup, where the top players can compete for a championship title.

How to earn ranked rewards in the Master Duel?

To earn Gems, you must play in Ranked Duels. You earn a certain amount of gems for each match you win in this mode. For example, you will receive two gems if you win a match. If you lose, you’ll receive one gem.

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The game’s Ranked Duel system will be changed, preventing intentional defeats. The season will reset your rank, and your reward will change accordingly.

Currently, players receive gems for every rank they achieve. However, players near the top of the game are not given rewards for lower ranks. This means that players near the top cannot advance further in the game and may feel left out.

They have no way to get the rewards they earn in lower ranks. Konami has heard their feedback, and they are working on a solution. Players can experience the benefits of the new Diamond Rank. When playing the new Ranked mode, players must keep an eye on their performance and progress in the game.

Ranked Duels will be divided into seasons, so players must remain on top of the changing Meta to advance in the game. Luckily, the duration of a Duel Pass will not be affected by the Ranked mode.

But it will be a good opportunity to earn more cards and become a better player. A Master Duel pilot can boost your gaming account and help you gain the rank you want.

This is the end of the short guide.

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