Path Of Exile: Where is Fractured Wall?

Do you need help finding the Fractured Walls? Don’t worry I have created a guide for you on fracturing Walls and more.

The fractured wall is a secret in Path of Exile you can find rare loot behind it. The Fractured Walls in the RPG are always found in dark areas. They have a hidden path that leads to them you must find that one.

The Fractured wall has a lot of rare loot that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The way of getting the loot and behind this hidden wall is the quest “Niko’s Explosive.” It is an optional quest you can take in Path of Exile. Let’s look at where the Fractured Walls are in Path of Exile and how you can complete the quest.

How do you find a fractured wall in PoE?

Fractured walls are found in dark areas. The Fractured walls are marked on the minimap, so when you are close enough and hover over them, it will show the wall’s health bar. Sometimes the fractured walls have a hidden path that has an inaccessible checkpoint.

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This means there are sometimes hidden pathways in Path of Exile that don’t have accessible checkpoints or any path leading to them. These hidden pathways are hidden behind the fractured wall. So where are these pathways? Here are some tips for you to find the hidden wall:

  • A checkpoint usually has 1, 3, or 4 pathways leading to it. They are very rare checkpoints with 2-way nodes, but are possible to find if the path is long.
  • You cannot create more than one pathway in a cardinal direction.
  • You cannot overlap an existing path.
  • You won’t find nodes directly next to the hidden wall, as a fractured wall spawns in an empty square.

Rare Loot Behind Fractured Walls

Players are usually looking for the fractured wall for the rare loot behind it. There is a massive variety of loot. Here is what you can see behind Fractured wall drops, and these are only found behind fractured walls:

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Biome Fossil 
Fungal Caverns Gilded Fossil
Petrified ForestSanctified Fossil
Abyssal Depths Gilded Fossil
Abyssal DepthsLucent Fossil
Frozen Hollow Sanctified Fossil
Magma Fissure Encrusted Fossil 

You must use dynamite to destroy the fracturing Walls to get to this loot. Each wall will take one dynamite blast to destroy.

How can dynamite destroy a fractured wall in the Path of Exile?

This is part of the quest “Niko’s Explosive. It is an optional quest. All you have to do is talk to Niko and destroy a Fractured wall. You must craft two flares and dynamite, then speak to Niko about them. Then destroy it.

Hover your mouse over, and you will see a red border lightning up that’s your cue to throw the dynamite. 

Don’t worry, the dynamite won’t do any damage to you, so you can stay there until it blows up. If you decide to stay, it’s best to throw a flare.

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If you don’t want to use your flare or watch the wall blow up, you can just throw the dynamite, quickly head back to the light, heal, and then return to the darkness again.

That’s all on how you can find the Fractured Wall and destroy it if you want the rare loot behind it or want to complete Niko’s Quest.

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