Path Of Exile: How To Dual Wield?

If you are new to Dual Wielding in Path of Exile and cannot figure out how to excel in it, don’t worry. I have created a perfect guide for you about Dual Wielding in Path of Exile.

There are several in-game mechanics in Path of Exile for the players to use while surviving on Wraeclast. Dual wielding is also one of the in-game mechanics in this Role-playing game. Dual warfare refers to using one-handed weapons in both hands.

You can dual wield with several kinds of weapons, and it is optional for both the weapons in your hands to be the same. You get a lot of unique items and modes while dual handling. Several passive skills grant dual-wielding bonuses.

Stats of Dual Wielding in Path of Exile

Before we go into how you can Dual wield and equip two one-handed weapons of any kind, let’s look into what stats Dual weilding gives you in the game. While dual wielding, you will get the following:

  • +15% chance to Block the attack damage 
  • +10% more attack speed 
  • 100% damage with main hand weapon 
  • 50% damage with off-hand spin 
  • 50% of the main hand attack range with the off-hand weapon
  • 50% of the main hand Critical strike multiplier with the off-hand weapon
  • 50% of the main hand Critical strike chance with the off-hand weapon
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The attack speed is a bonus with other attack speed modifiers. You can also increase these bonuses via Passive skills. The weapons you use while dual wielding don’t have to be the same kind. You can also dual-wield wands.

How To Dual Wield in POE?

path of exile how to dual wield
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Now that you know the stats and bonuses of dual wielding, let’s understand how you can use this in-game mechanic and survive. Here are the steps you can dual wield with:

  • Equip two one-handed weapons. Remember, regardless of the type, you can use any one-handed weapon for each hand.
  • But before that, ensure you have the dual-wielding skill gem in your skill bar.
  • Press the hotkey for the dual-wielding skill gem this will enable dual wielding.

The mechanics of dual wielding are that when you use an attack skill, you will use that with your main hand and then use it with your off-hand. This is alternated during each move. The “Whirling Blades” is a notable exception, which deals damage with a random weapon on hit.

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Simultaneous attacks you can do with dual wielding:

  • Cleave
  • Dual strike 
  • Viper strike 
  • riposte 

That’s all on how you can Dual-Wield in Path of Exile go on and practice this in-game mechanic to excel in it.

This is sum up for how to dual wield in POE for more similar guides do check our Path of Exile guides section few of them are mentioned below.

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