How To Remake in Valorant (2024)

Remake is one of the best features in Valorant allows players to regather their team again. If players find themselves in the 4v5 situation in Valorant matches. Then players can use the Remake option to recreate their team.

Basically, when the Valorant match starts when any AFK player the game in the first round of the match and only 4 members of the team will remain in the match verse the 5 members of the opponent team. Then in this situation players from less member teams have the option to remake the team and start the match again in Valorant.

Here we have covered all the information that might help you to know how you can remake Valorant without losing your MMR and more.

How to remake in Valorant

How To Remake In Valorant?

Riot also introduced the Remake feature in Valorant that help players to avoid losing their MMR in Valorant matches.

In case if some AFK player leaves the team in the middle of the first round of the match in Valorant. Then players have the option to remake the team. However, the remake can only be used in the First round only.

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Here are the steps you need to follow to remake in Valorant.

1. Go to the Chatbox given at the left side of bottom of the screen.

remake in Valorant
How to remake in Valorant

2. In the chat box type the following text “/remake” and hit Enter button.

3. Once the first round is ended the Voter Box will appear soon.

 remake Valorant
How to remake in Valorant

4. All team members need to press the F5 button in order to vote Yes successfully.

5. Once the voting is done and all players agree to Remake.

6. The Remake System will be activated.

Most importantly the remake must be done before the end of the First Round of the match as possible. When the second round starts the player able to vote for a remake. You cannot use remake options after the second round or in the middle of the second round.

The AFK player will get the penalty for leaving the match as well as the MMR deduction. But the remake players will not get any penalty or the MMR deduction and that game was not recorded on the player match history.

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This is all for the Valorant Remake guide. Here at Gameinstants, we cover all information related to gaming for more similar content do read our Valorant Guides for more helpful information.

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