Stardew Valley Maple Tree Guide

The Maple Tree, like the Mahogany Tree, Oak Tree, and Pine Tree, is frequent in the game. You may chop it down, shake it, or make an artisan item out of it. 

You can get Wood, Sap, or Maple Seeds if you cut it down with an axe. If you choose the Forester profession, you can get up to 25% additional wood or 15-20 pieces when you chop it down. A Tapper or Heavy Taper may also be used to make Maple Syrup, Pine Tar, Oak Resin, and Sap.

How to Get Maple Seeds In Stardew Valley?

maple seeds stardew valley

You can obtain these seeds either by.

  • Chopping down a Maple Tree at Foraging Level 1.
  • Shaking a Maple Tree at Foraging Level 1
  • Searching in Garbage Cans.
  • Obtained from the Woodskip Fish Pond.
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How to Grow Maple Trees in Stardew Valley?

To grow this tree, you must first put a Maple seed in the earth. The seed or sapling can then be fertilized with Tree fertilizer to accelerate its growth.

Here are its Growth Stages;

Stages 1 & 2

Once the seed is planted, the first stage will begin. Plant it eight tiles apart from other tree seedlings or older trees so that it can grow through the fourth stage. After a few days, you’ll notice that the seedling has achieved its second stage of growth when leaves emerge on it.

Stage 3

The sapling grows taller, with a narrow, short trunk. It also takes twice as long to advance to the following stage. Furthermore, this is the final stage of development before attaining complete maturity.

Stage 4

The Maple tree has reached its last development stage in the fourth stage. You may cut it down to gather resources or tap it to receive some tasty syrup.

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That’s how to plant Maple Tree Stardew Valley as I’ll see you in the next guide of Stardew Valley guides.

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